Friday, May 20, 2011

Prepare to be Raptured


  1. Well the rapture, as said in the biggest hoax of the Earth history, is supposed to leave behind all living sinners... which include us, perverted sodomites, and every other humans who eat shellfish, wear clothes made of multiple brands, people who judge and well... everybody else on this planet. But we're lucky... This Bible is just a stupid fictional book.

  2. The funny thing, this is not the first time this has happened. Some douchebag says the world ends on this date and nothing happens. You would think this might make people be more skeptical of the next douchebag that says the same thing. Wrong!

  3. And here I was all worried about the effect the Rapture might have on my Visitor stats!! Whew! :)

  4. Well, I'm still here, but then I never was a very likely candidate for Rapturing, or anything else that depends on excessive holiness! : )

  5. You almost made me doubt, y'all, my friends!
    Then I verified the meaning(s) of "rapture".
    The one that you give is obviously perfectly exact, but this notion concerns not only the Paradise.
    And even if it was the case, there is other Paradises than that of the Christians.
    You know certainly that their "gurus", if I can say, promise 1000 virgins to kamikazes of Al Qaida in the Paradise of Allah, and it is not, I think, only for contemplate them.
    But it is not the case, and we can fall in ecstasy in front of a landscape, a work of art, a person...
    ...and at the time of the orgasm.
    So, the French-English dictionary Collins gives us as example:
    Moreover, if he speaks about it...
    Amicalement :)

  6. lol Frenchie... vous ne serez pas le contenu jusqu'à ce que je proclame l'amour éternel, vous? :)

  7. Useless, my dear Steevy.
    The evidence speaks loud and clear instead of you.
    But if you want to proclaim that you are in love with Josh for all eternity, don't hesitate.
    It is quite normal that bashful lovers madly in love such as you feel the need to shout it from the rooftops.
    You are at home, and above all your faithful supporters who love you can only be delighted at it.


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