Thursday, May 26, 2011

Peer Hendrik Munster

Peer Hendrik Munster-006Peer Hendrik Munster-007Peer Hendrik Munster-008
black6 0159Peer Hendrik Munster-009Peer Hendrik Munster-002
Peer Hendrik Munster-004Peer Hendrik Munster-003Peer Hendrik Munster-005


  1. I like him with the 'boyish' hairstyle in the last (double measure) pic. Quite a dish there!

  2. I wanna play ball with him.

  3. In French we say "en faire tout un fromage" (word by word = to make a whole cheese about it) when we give an excessive importance for something (to make a fuss about it).
    And he is named Munster, wich is a kind of french cheese (a good one, I think).
    He is a handsome boy, but your Josh is better a lot, my dear Steevy.
    XO to you two.


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