Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nikolas Sachs

Nikolas Sachs-003Nikolas Sachs-006Nikolas Sachs-007
Nikolas Sachs-008Nikolas Sachs-010Nikolas Sachs-009
Nikolas Sachs-001Nikolas Sachs-002Nikolas Sachs-004
Nikolas Sachs-005


  1. This is a beautiful post. Here's an idea for a new category that a post of this sort could fall under: Angels Among Us. Haha

  2. I like that idea Wybrand and agree completely! :)

    Did you watch the Pavel Baranov video? He would easily fall into that category... imo anyway :) xo

  3. Yes, I totally agree. Then again, Pavel has a certain mischievousness to his smile. I think he'd be prone to making the other angels 'fall' a little too often!

  4. Exactly!! :)

    I mean... oh no... that would be... ummm... terrible!! Fallen Angels? Falling With Angels?

    Wybrand... I am shocked by your depravity!! :) xo

  5. You might be interested to know that some readings of Milton's 'Paradise Lost' suggest that there is sex between masculine angels, and that such relations take on both spiritual and physical dimensions. See a quote from the angel Raphael at (8.620-5). So don't think I am too depraved! But as for lust and carnal desire (always scandalous, whether man or angel) I think your idea of 'falling with angels' probably fits that bill, you little devil! (jk!). Love, Wb.

  6. That Milton guy was such a porn hound!

    I appreciate you clarifying that your depravity is the result of thoughtful consideration :) xo


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