Monday, May 16, 2011

Name that Hawtie!!



Hawtie hath been named…
and it is not Ben, or George…

Josh Rachlin


  1. AnonymousMay 16, 2011

    öhmm... ähm ... there are soo manny hawties here, that it's quite difficult to name this one...

  2. I don't know his real name but as NEIL gave him a «funny» name I'd be tempted to say that his name could be «Saddy Rakoon Eyes» as an Mohawk name.

  3. Hehe, I'd rather like to call him the name Neil gave him.

  4. In defense of the licentious nature of Neil's comment, I had initially tagged the post as "Fun and Games" :)

    Perhaps a better tag would be.... Please help ID Hawtie...

  5. Why, my dear Steevy? Perhaps do you want to ask him to resell you his sofa matching the color of his eyes, having yourself the eyes of this color?
    If yes, you also need his address or his phone number (or those of his sofa).
    Postscript: In French we say "canapé" for a sofa but also for a "canapé" served with the apéritif.
    I think that the boy is very "apéritif" on the one as on the other one.

  6. Dear Patrick,
    We say «apetizer» in English..

    Because what WE call an «ENTRÉE» is for «americans» a main dish (plat principal).
    And «canapé» in french is that little «bouché» we serve with champagne or an «apéritif wine» for the APETIZERS...

    An «apéritif» is used in French for a liquor we take BEFORE a meal.

    All this, again to PLAY with each others TONGUE and it's so fun to do....
    That we can take on a SOFA or CANAPÉ or COUCH or DIVAN... etc..

    In the livingroom..SALON in French..

    CHEERS dear friends..

  7. lol... Neil... I hold you personally responsible for the unfocused nature of these comments... haha... all I wanted was a name :)

  8. @JiEL, I thank you, you are very kind. I am most grateful to you for this.

    @Steevy, your answer is only an excuse not to reveal either the color of your eyes or your projects of future with this boy.

  9. @Jason
    I vote for George.
    GeORGE suits well to a GORGEous boy!

    @Mr HAWT
    Steevy, you aren't a citizen of the United States and thus you cannot call upon the fifth amendment not to reveal the color of your eyes and your projects of future with this boy.

  10. George!! Boy, those sound effects would sure come in handy right now...

    Frenchie, I assure you that my intentions are completely honourable! :)

  11. My dear Steevy, honorable is not a synonym for non-existent.
    For example if you want to marry George, it is perfectly honorable but that arouses a legitimate curiosity.
    In any case I wish you that your "intentionS" (I have well noticed the plural) come true.

    As regards the color of your eyes, I notice that it is an official secret.
    I should thus wait the day of our appointment, if however you do not wear very dark glasses that day.

    Poscrit: You can come with George, as well if you've married him or whatever else.

  12. Whoa! Who said anything about marriage?? I have not even met his parents yet... let alone him! :)

  13. It was only an example of an intention that would be honorable among all your intentions (in the plural in your previous answer).
    I cannot leave George alone if he is with you, I can only leave you together.
    As for the blessing of his parents (who did a good job), it is not compulsory if George is 18yo.
    PS: I notice by the third time that your eyes are colorless.

  14. I hope that you spent a good night.
    PS: in English we don't know if "you" = "Steevy" or = "Steevy and George", but it's not of my fault.

  15. AnonymousMay 18, 2011

    the model is Josh Rachlin

  16. Thank you very much Anon :)

    Neil and Jason... this is for you :)

  17. A big bravo!
    I had become used to George, but I am going to adapt and to call him Josh from now on.
    The important is that Steevy and him can be happy together.

  18. Thanks Frenchie... et un effet sonore HAWT spéciale pour vous :)

  19. Very beautiful music of cowboy which wakes and makes the blood circulate, but I am not a masochist.
    After such a present, I cannot do less than offer you this link, to you and to your beloved Josh:
    Enjoy this music and enjoy each other.
    A big kiss for you, and if you please kiss Josh for me.

  20. lol... this post was doomed from the very start wasn't it? :) I still hold Neil personally responsible for the initial foray into debauchery, but even my heroic attempt to refocus you beeatches back to the innocent quest for a name... was thwarted! :)

    But I must rise above all that, and take the higher ground...

  21. You emit strange noises when you make love, you two!
    But the most important is that you make love.
    I am satisfied for you two.
    Do not forget to give news to us from time to time now that we know your idyll.
    At least once a week. Otherwise I shall not forget to question you, rely on me.
    Enjoy a good night, Josh and you.

  22. Postscript : You can give us news by mail when it is too much hard for the chaste ears of the censors and the others constipation sufferers of the brain (in French = pisses-froids).

  23. F.Y.I: The Ben Dover position is essentially Standing Doggy-Style but with the receiver bending over at the waist.


  25. My dear Steevy,
    when shall we see one (or several) post dedicated to your beloved Josh Rachlin accompanied with a dedication full of tenderness where we would see him alone or better in your company?
    It would be a beautiful love-token and I am convinced that all your readers would be very moved, to begin with myself.
    In fact, I am beforehand moved only by thinking of it.
    It is so beautiful, the love!
    And even more that of an old friend for whom we feel a big affection.

  26. Very good Patrick.

    Ben Dover is also an English pornographic actor and director/producer of pornographic movies.

    Ben Dover In London (1994)
    Ben Dover's Ben Behaving Badly (1996)
    Ben Dover's British Anal Invasion (1997)
    Ben Dover's Spicy Girls (1999)
    Ben Dover's Cheek Mates (2000)
    Ben Dover's Posh Birds (2001)
    Ben Dover's Essex Girls (2002)
    Ben Dover's Soccer Sluts (2003)
    Ben Dover Does The Boob Cruise (2004)
    Ben Dover's The Girlie Show (2005)
    Ben Dover's Pussy Galore (2006)
    Ben Dover's Yummy Mummies (2009)
    Killer Bitch (2010)
    On the Ropes (2011 film)

  27. @NEIL
    In France we have somebody who is the twin brother of Ben Dover on the professional level. His name is Marc Dorcel, and the number of its good quality productions is vertiginous.
    But from the point of view of the quality, and for my personal taste, regretted Jean-Daniel Cadinot today died remains matchless, especially for his first period.

    Poscript: I need help to convince Steve to make his "coming out" as regards its feelings towards Josh. In less, of course, than you did not share the idea that he should dedicate him at least a post? Maybe would it be necessary to send to him a kind of petition so that he decides to make it...

  28. Rectification: read "the number of HIS good quality productions" of course. Sorry.

  29. You will never guess, my friends!!!
    It is the scandal of the century. An incredible mystification.
    I unmasked him. Our dear Steve betrayed himself.

    He published this image a week ago on "HAWT blog Tumblr".
    He had found it on "The Daily Haul" (who itself found it on "LMM - Loving Male Models").

    And you know what? The name of the modèlel was indicated as well under the photo that in the links and


    It proves indubitably that he asked for his name only to have a pretext to have the pleasure to speak and to hear about the boy of his life.

    Only love can make us do it.
    Is not it moving? How could we blame him for it?
    In any case, I forgive him and I am happy of this confirmation.

  30. haha... I assure you "pâtisserie conspiration" that I was completely unaware that I had reblogged the same pic on tumblr, and that YES, it did contain the answer I was seeking :)

    How embarrassing :) xo

  31. Why embarrassing?
    Since when it is awkward to be in love.
    Don't be shy.

    It's well known that for everybody love always makes lose more or less one's mind.

    The best proof that you knew his name is not your publication on "HAWT blog Tumblr" but your honeymoon with Josh.

    Even if a French humorist said that the life of couple is the best means to be two to solve... all the problems that we would never have had if we were alone, I go on thinking that it is so beautiful to be in love.

    I would be almost jealous if I was not so satisfied for you. I wish long life to your courting couple.

    NOW, I am very impatient to see the numerous comments which you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO dedicate QICKLY to your Josh "chéri".

    XO to you two from your moved Frenchie.


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