Sunday, May 01, 2011

Max Emerson

Max Emerson-001Max Emerson-006Max Emerson-002
Max Emerson-007Max Emerson-008Max Emerson-005
Max Emerson-010Max Emerson-003Max Emerson-004
Max Emerson-009


  1. Great guy, great pix, especially the one with the car. Nice slightly furry chest too.

  2. He looks like the boy the works in my local Hollister shop!

  3. WOW! Dear Steve,

    Thanks for this «hairy» Max...
    I just love this type..
    Natural and looks a bit more «mature» and less «boyhish»..
    I love boys too but.... prefer a bit more «man»..
    Love and peace.

  4. lol... I will try to ensure there is a bit of hair on ONE post each month :) But I draw the line on back, shoulder, and bum hair!!

  5. Don't worry dear friend,

    I LOVE HAIRLESS BOYS...I am myself HAIRLESS, TOTALLY hairless. BUT all my hair on my head at
    No beard and just few in «intimate places»..LoL..

    ALL my friends are jalous about it...LoL !!
    They're hairy BUT 40 and below..LOL

  6. The 8th portrait is a familiar classic (Weber?) and several others certainly could be, with this help. But I think the 8th will always be in a class by itself, in work I've seen of his, for being the most "visionary." I have composed a posting having to do with education/time-of-life, in which this picture is a natural climax of the "argument."

    You're a great resource, and a good friend to us all.

  7. AnonymousJuly 18, 2011

    i guess I'm flattered... though I don't work at Hollister anymore bc I'm too hairy


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