Monday, May 02, 2011

General Election


Where I Stand



  1. I also did the test but I'm in half way between LIB and NPD..

    Even if I'm from Québec prov. I'm against the separation...
    It's no more a solution ...
    Canada should be «re-newed» or «modernized».

  2. YOP!
    Harper has his MAJORITY.. SHIT for 4 years now...

    NDP, 104.... YÉH!!!
    Lib. 34.. OUT...yess
    Bloc, 3... MORE out please..Duceppe resigns..
    Green, 1.. Congrat, Miss May for a greener Canada.

  3. AnonymousMay 03, 2011

    Seems like that there are many countries in which conservatives are gaining. In Germany, thankfully, the Greens (green as in Pro-Nature, ant-Nuklear Power) has increased in popularity.

  4. AnonymousMay 03, 2011

    I guess you all like being on the government dole. No life, no freedom and no choice.

  5. Well dear ANONYMOUS,

    NO COURAGE of putting YOUR name on those words.

    There we go on babbling on the net without being involved in any matter...

    I can just imagine what is your life...
    OR, DO You have a LIFE ????

    JiEL, Montréal, CANADA

    PS. I voted NDP in protest against the Conservatives...The «GREEN Parti» is not that strong in our country yet.

  6. haha... we must not forget JiEL that the Conservative party has been using Republican strategists for a number of years. So the same type of smear and ad campaigns inciting division that the Republicans have been so successful with have proven to be successful here as well.

    If you support health care reform then you support Death Panels - if you do not support the Conservative party, then you must be a socialist looking for a handout!

    That is the politics of division... well done Stephen Harper... your Fox News subsidiary Sun News must be very proud of you!!

    The Conservative party USED to be just a little to the right of the political centre, at least until they dropped the word Progressive from the party name. They have since shifted their party policies a lot further to the right, and painted every other party as left wing socialists.

    To our American friends, this is what it was like waking up on November 3, 2004 and realizing you had 4 more years of George Bush!!

  7. Well said my friend.

    Now we will have to «suffer» 4 more years under «HARPER'S» narrow conservative policies.

    When are we going to have OUR own canadian OBAMA?

    Seems that there are not many «valuable intelligent and visionnary» politicians in Canada...
    Where are they ?

    Since Hon.Lester B. Pearson, politicians seem to be there only for their own purposes and gains.

    Anyway, I am proud to be Canadian and to live in a country where LIBERTY is a REAL value.

  8. AnonymousMay 03, 2011

    Please take OBAMA and all he stands for.

  9. Anon... lol... We would trade you in a heartbeat, I am sure the vast majority of Canadians would agree... you can take Stephen Harper... and all that he stands for... he would make a damn fine Republican, he would probably join the Tea Party!

  10. AnonymousMay 03, 2011

    It looks like a left-leaning majority of Canadian voters has been robbed. Less than 40% of the vote gets 54% of seats and four years of absolute power? The other 60% of voters are represented by 45% of parliamentarians? If Canada had a proper, democratic electoral system there'd be an NDP/Liberal coalition now. The system stinks.

  11. Well Rodney, fortunately we have our Senate to help keep our democracy in check as a place of "sober second thought"... lol

    If we didn't have such a strong and independent Supreme Court I would be very very concerned.

  12. Not sure about this dear HAWT.

    I agree with Rodney that we should reform our élection mode. It should be a «proportional» one to REALLY reflect the democratic voices.

    For the Senate, it's now having a Conservative majority because Harper made many new «nomination» (they're not elected) with his FRIENDS... He did exactly what he complained about the Liberals.
    He is a double face man.

    NOW that he is «majoritaire» in parlement AND at the SENATE, HE can do anything he wants without no fear of opposition.
    For the Supreme Court, they're also not «elected» but «nominated»....
    The Supreme Court doesn't write LAWS, they only give their judgment on EXISTING laws that the parlement had voted earlier.

    So, «Vive la démocratie canadienne»

  13. My Senate comments were tongue-in-cheek :)

    The power of our Supreme Court is not from their ability to write laws, rather from their ability to strike down legislation and laws as unconstitutional... that is how gay marriage came about in Canada.

  14. Please keep in mind that even if a law were to be struck down as unconstitutional, a government, any government in Canada, could use the not-withstanding clause to keep it in force for five years while the matter is decided. The clause is there at the insistence of the province of Alberta at the time the constitution was being repatriated to Canada from Great Britain. Up until that time changes to the constitution were decided in the House of Commons in the UK (London). Anyway, back to the main point, a lot can happen in five years and put nothing past the Conservatives to do anything they can to thwart a just society! - V


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