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The End of a Sad Chapter…



  1. AnonymousMay 02, 2011

    here here

  2. My dear Steevy,
    I know that you are Canadian,
    I know that this blog is not a political forum,
    but I would want that you authorize me to congratulate here all the American people for their courage and their perseverance and more particularly my few American friends on the big piece of news which I have just learnt at the moment because of the jet lag.
    Please, let me tell them: "You can be proud to be American, and I am proud of all my American friends."

  3. Well said Patrick, and I just hope our American friends do not turn this into a big "chest beating" event.

  4. I am not afraid of it, or not for a long time, only in the euphoria of the moment,because it would be forget that the squalid animal is a hydra with one thousand heads made by very independent groups, which will be destabilized maybe or maybe on the contrary aggravated, but certainly not annihilated by this event, and I'm sure that the Americans know that very well.
    It remains that it was a necessary stage and that, fortunately, this page (a single page) of their history has been turned.

  5. Yes, a BIG page of history has been turned yesterday....

    Nice to you dear friend to make a special tribute to this event.

    PS. Cher Patrick, NOUS canadiens habitons l'Amérique du Nord MAIS nous ne sommes PAS américains... ou disons plustôt «états-uniens».
    On est heureux de ce que les «américains» ont réussi (même après 10ans) MAIS ici, on est fier de NE PAS ÊTRE AMÉRICAINS..
    Nous avons NOTRE PROPRE IDENTITÉ et elle diffère beaucoup de celle de nos voisins du sud.
    On a qu'à penser à nos lois sur l'égalité des sexes et au mariage gai etc...

    Voilà, je devais rectifier ce DÉTAIL.
    Ne m'en veut pas..
    JiEL, MONTRÉAL, CANADA, Amérique du Nord.....

  6. JiEL, Patrick was not saying that :)

  7. @HAWT:
    Thank you for taking my defense, my dear Steevy.
    My dear JiEL, I do not hold it against you to rectify.
    Moreover it is not a rectification, at the most a precision.
    I know well the differences between Quebec and Canadian English-speaking on one hand and citizens of the USA on the other hand.
    Also I does not confuse North America, Central America and South America.
    Maybe I should have said citizens of the USA rather than Americans, but I believe that in the context of the execution of Bin Laden it was EVIDENT and that a Quebecker could not more feel concerned than a Peruvian for example.
    As for the differences which you enumerate, it is valid between most of the states, because it is probably their first and main reason to be.
    It is very well to defend the homeland, and I congratulate you on it, but rather if and only if the homeland is attacked, what was absolutely NOT the case, at NO time and by NONE of my words.

  8. D'accord cher «Patrick», j'ai un peu mal lu ton propos en anglais.
    Ce n'est pas ta langue maternelle et ta façon de t'exprimer m'a laissé un petit doute sur le sens du mot «AMERICAN» que tu utilisais.

    Alors disons que TOUS nous sommes FIER de ce qu'ILS ont accompli hier soir.

    ALors «VIVE l'HUMANITÉ LIBRE» ....

  9. whew!! I was worried that "un combat de chat français" was about to ensue :)

    So :) In closing... just as we all felt American on September 11th, today we feel the same and share the many different emotions and reflections that this event lays bare...

  10. @HAWT & JiEL
    Rassure-toi, mon cher Steevy, les chats français ne se combattent pas, ils ne font que discuter pour dissiper un malentendu, et qui plus est ils ont finit par être d'accord.
    JiEL est pour moi un ami personnel avec qui j'échange régulièrement des mails, et je suis sûr qu'à l'avenir il sera d'accord pour que nous réglions nos malentendus ou nos désaccords entre nous et par mails.
    Les français (de France, en Europe, sur la Planète Terre, dans le Système solaire) adorent les controverses, mais comme je l'ai dit au début de mon premier commentaire, je sais bien que tu es Canadien (au Canada, sur le continent Américain, en Amérique du Nord, sur la Planète Terre, dans le Système solaire, et non pas aux USA ni nulle part ailleurs) et que ton blog n'est pas un forum politique.
    Pour me faire pardonner, je t'accorde une double ration de XO et de <3

    Steevy feel reassured, my dear, the French cats do not fight, they are only discussing to dissipate a misunderstanding, and besides they came to an agreement.
    JiEL is for me a personal friend with whom I exchange regularly e-mails, and I am sure that in the future he will agree so that we settled our misunderstandings or our points of disageement between us by e-mails.
    French (in France, in Europe, on the Planet Earth, in the Solar system) like the controversies, but as I said it the beginning of my first comment, I know well that you are Canadian (in Canada, on American continent, in North America, on the Planet Earth, in the Solar system, and not neither in the USA nor anywhere else) and that your blog is not a political forum.

    To make me forgive, I grant you a double ration of XO and of <3

  11. Gentlemen,

    Those who live on this side of the world have been Americans since 1507 when Waldseemueller's map was issued - with "America" applied to the Lower land mass - and more so since 1538 when Mercator applied "Americas" to both land masses.

    Thus dubbed successfully, these connected areas eventually became sub-named countries of many configurations - one of which has always used "America" in its designation, the United States of America. Thus, whether everyone finds it comfortable or not, "American" has two meanings. Context makes the one or the other clear. N'est-ce pas?

  12. @Frank
    Thank you Franck for all theses highly erudite precisions
    I agree in hundred percent.
    And of course the context of the evocation of Twins Tours on the occasion of Bin Laden's death is a context which concerns not at all Canada, no more than Southern Papua, n'est-ce pas?
    But it remains true that by specifying the latitudes and the longitudes we would dissipate any misunderstanding (LOL).

  13. I disagree completely Patrick that 911 did not concern Canadians. Like the rest of the world we were horrified, but 90% of the Canadian population lives with 100 miles of the US border, so we have a unique familial bond with our neighbours to the south. Thousands of Canadian firefighters, rescue workers, and ordinary citizens poured across the border in the ensuing days to offer their assistance at the World Trade Center.

    Most Americans have absolutely no knowledge about Canada, or any interest for that matter, but we sure know a lot about them... as Pierre Trudeau said about having the US as neighbours...

    Living next to you is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast, if I can call it that, one is affected by every twitch and grunt.

  14. Well said all of you.

    Specially you, HAWT, remindind to me that LOTS of Canadians did help and quickly accept ALL those planes that couldn't land in USA on 9/11 day.

    Even if we are usually «invisible» to many Americans, the President WAS greatful to Canadians, after all, for that act of humanity.

    YES, WE, as Canadians were involved, no matter how, in the shadow of our American friends' issues on those dark moments.

    Canadians are not to be recognized for our HUMANITARY ACTIONS ?

    PS. I must say that I have many American friends.
    Even one pof them, a lady working for the New York social welfare, that was «suppose» to have a meeting at the World Trade Centre that morning...
    BUT, that meeting was to be held on THAT specific afternoon..

  15. @HAWT
    I knew all this, except the quotation which I did not know.
    Thanks for it.
    But undoubtedly it is is going to need that I hire lawyers and translators full-time.
    I wonder even if I can again dare to speak, whether it is in French or in English.
    In my text, "it does not concern Canada" = "it is not about Canada".
    I spoke about the country which is not the victim of November 9th and didn't execute Bin Laden.
    I did not speak about its inhabitants and I do not question of that the Canadians FELT (and not were) concerned quite as all the inhabitants of the planet of whom myself.
    I may be wrong, but I think that "to feel" is different from "to be" and I think that Canada is different from Canadians (like any country is different from its inhabitants).
    And if I am wrong, I apologize.

  16. No apology is necessary Patrick :)

    If I was offended I would have just deleted your comment :) xo

  17. No apology is necessary if and only if I am right.
    Do you mean that I am right?
    You can delete any comment of whoever if and when you want.
    If it arrives at one of mine, I hope only that you will mail to me why.

  18. I understand that you did not mean to imply that it did not "concern" Canada, but that was how it read :)

    You are correct that "to feel" is different than "to be"... perhaps a better way to say it would be "911 was not directed at Canada"... which I would still disagree with, but from a broader perspective :)

    Translation is difficult... I understand that not everyone is like me and can speak 170 different languages... I can even converse with 14 animal species :)

  19. I have been wrong to explain what was quite obvious as Frank very well demonstrated it.
    Not evident for everyone, halas, but it was their problem, not mine.
    It is the last time.
    We learn at any age.

  20. If we are celebrating, it is not the death of a single individual we celebrate, but simple reciprocity, cold and calculated; and the precise, surgical elimination of one human being who did not deserve the humanity he was granted.

    Inhumanity for any reason, any cause, any belief system or simple chemical imbalance, cannot be tolerated for long in any acceptable vision of the future...and that is true for Canadians and Americans!

  21. For Canadians, for Americans, and, everywhere in the world, for any human who deserves the humanity he is granted, as you say it so well.

  22. I agree with you completely U R JUST! Thank you.


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