Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Busy Bots & Blogger Bungling


Looks like extra Bots were unleashed to make up for lost time due to Blogger’s bungling of a maintenance routine that led to a two-day shut down of their services!

After all, they have a lofty goal to reach… on May 30th 2010, there were only 348 reported gay blog closings to date.  If they can close down another 54 in the next 12 days, it will make 1,000 gay blogs closed in the last year!!


  1. AnonymousMay 18, 2011

    You do realize that your completely wrong about blog removals? They're all automated... If your blog is reported a certain number of timed turning a specific period it is automatically removed. This is google, they're no people involved in the process unless there is a legal claim.

  2. Hey Anon, I have previously stated that I do not believe there is targeted campaign against gay blogs by Google/Blogger, and I am certain there are not anti-gay-bots that are purposely set loose either. I agree with you that an initial blog closing, whether gay or straight, in 99% of the cases, is the result of some automated fuzzy-logic-algorithm.

    This is where our agreement ends however... because I DO believe that there is a targeted campaign, but NOT by Google/Blogger. Further, there is a Review process that IS conducted by Blogger personnel, and I happen to disagree with a number of their judgments on some specific blogs that I personally know of.

    Trust me, I know there are plenty of gay-related splogs, and I am a strong proponent of reporting them and closing them down, but I am also not so naive to believe that these same reporting tools are not being used to specifically target and close gay blogs by groups intent on imposing their own moralistic perspective.

    As long as Blogger continues to conduct Reviews behind closed doors, and does not reveal why a blog is closed, then I suggest it is completely understandable why some of us are speaking out and trying to heighten awareness of the INCREASING frequency of closings, and question why it is happening!

    I fear that you are absolutely correct that this is all the result of the frequency of "being reported", but by WHO, and for WHAT purpose?!?

    I would be happy to discuss this further with you off-line :)


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