Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Way to go Google!!

You have to give Google credit, when they set their mind to something, they stick to it and always strive to beat their records and outperform the competition!

Another 22 blogs closed since Saturday!! 

Google, you must be proud!!

Monthly Kills

I am keeping updated charts here.


  1. Since requesting information from the Google press office little over a month ago, I've had numerous internet service interruptions and many hack attempts.

  2. So ... ehm ... could it be, that since Larry Page took back the reigns of Google, gay-themed sites are closed?

    Is Larry Page a homophobe?

  3. How about this: these blogs exclusively post pictures that the blog "owners" do not own. Google owns the blogs. Thus, Google is hosting massive infringement of copyright.

    Hence, blog shutdowns. And these crazy rantings about how evil Google is seem silly from this angle -- ie. when viewed from the truth, don't they?

  4. Well James, I must say that you have a point there.
    BUT, I collect photos of men since August 2001 and I found them for FREE in all sites I've encounter.
    NO copyright attached to them and even more accessible to ALL on the net...
    BUT, also, your point is right for those who did get pics or music illegaly.

    Anyway, as I can see «when you're not the KING in the kingdom, you cannot make your own laws. You have to endure the ones the KING is making and what HE decides to do about HIS land.....

    Their's a LIMIT to the FREEdom of expression here... When YOU're NOT the KING...

  5. Just curious- is google also shutting down straight blogs that have sexual content and/or photos that don't belong to the blogger?

  6. Yes, they are closing straight sites too, but that spoils the sensationalist 'Google and Blogger are homophobic' stance that a few people have decided to take.

    JiEL, the photographs are still copyrighted even if from a 'free' site.

  7. ANON, No one said Google/Blogger wasn't closing straight sites, and non-adult sites. This IS a sensational issue - especially to those who have worked long and hard (no pun intended) on their blog only to have Google/Blogger pull it out from under without ever telling them WHAT is wrong, and without ever giving them the opportunity to correct it.

    To me, that's sensational!!

  8. I hate to burst the bubble here, but please listen for a second or two. I have to agree with GP on this issue. This is a copyright issue, pure and simple: copying and posting photos that you don't own violates intellectual copyright regulations, impedes the photographers' ability to make a living from their own work not to mention Google's ToS. That said pics are "found on free sites" is irrelevant. That blog owners claim they will take down anything that doesn't belong to them if so informed is irrelevant.

    I think it's fair to say that HAWT and other blogs are being taken down not because of some vast conspiracy but rather because the sites are stealing content and sometimes even making money off that content via ads, etc.

    I know it's easier to imagine there's conspiracy against us than to take responsibility for your own actions, but that doesn't change the fact that for the most part these sites do not have permission to post these photos.

  9. I'm with Jeff. Doesn't Blogger warn about adult content though? So why would they be deleting it just because of that? This blog isn't exactly pornographic either. But it's true that all pictures, taken from where ever, are copyrighted to SOMEONE. If you haven't contacted that someone, you have absolutely no right to use it. Even if I take a picture of my foot with my webcam, it's MY picture, and no-one else is allowed to use it. So that's one reason, for sure, I'm not so sure about the whole homophobia theory.


  11. Although James has a point, I doubt that the copyright infringement is the issue. Otherwise I think we would see LOTS of blogs of ALL types shut down.

    Like most of my brother bloggers, we have statements regarding copyrighted materials: if you own the rights, and want the image removed, email, and it will be promptly removed. In my 4 years of blogging, I've only had three requests, and two of these were individuals who had no idea their images were traveling the net! Only one was a true copyrighted image, and the owner, who was a photographer, had no idea that his images could be accessed publicly. In each of these cases, I promptly removed the image in question, as promised.

    I do not believe the porn companies have an issue with bloggers using their photos. It's free advertisement for them.

    Honestly, I don't have a clue as to what this is all about. I only know, as Jeff stated, that your blogs can disappear, or your accounts be suspended, with no explanation whatsoever. Oh sure, Google reserves the right to do so, so we "blog at our own risk" with them. But even repeated requests for review are ignored. I gave up on that, and just started again...I AM more conscious of backing up, though!


  12. My response to these comments is here...

    I appreciate all the responses, especially the divergent ones.

  13. My dear JiEL, Google is neither a kingdom nor a king.
    Or then king of... I would not say what not to be rude.
    And even if Google was a king, nowadays kings have no more power of life and death over their subjects.
    Then, in democracy, even less.
    The rights of Google limit themselves to the contract (which limits especially those of the user) and (in the measure and the limit where their responsibility could be questioned), with care of the laws.
    It is only it, and it is already enormously, but it is not to have ALL the rights.
    Without speaking about its way of proceeding which is eminently questionable and incur a lot of criticism.


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