Monday, April 18, 2011




  1. I love the boy in the field, well I don't love him Love him, but I rather like him. I like boys in the countryside, or down on the beach, you know, natural beauty in a natural place and all that kind stuff. Although I do have to say, I rather approve of all the posers you have here!

    Jolly spiffingly good work young man. x

  2. Le premier jeune homme avec le caleçon entrouvert est assez excitant..
    Cependant il a un attitude plutôt étrange, comme un peu d'arrogance dans sa façon de lancer son regard.
    MAIS il est très «attirant» quand même..

    Beau groupe de photos..
    MERCI !

  3. Jason, there are 3 hawties in fields... I was a having a field day with them today! Yes I know the applicable sound effect would be a groan on that one :) Interesting that you are suddenly so into nature, didn't you say on one of your posts that you didn't run in a marathon because you had to run up a hill? tee hee

    JiEL... Peut-être qu'il voulait juste équilibre entre sa beauté avec un snear ... haha ... vous réussir?


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