Wednesday, April 13, 2011




  1. I must know who #2 is. I know I've seen him before...

  2. I love the «sleeping beauty» no.5.
    Nice blond hairy chest and more....
    MMMM !!!
    I'd love to cuddle him..

  3. when I saw the guy with the superman-underwear, I seriously went "HOLYYYYY SSSSHIT", he's so friggin hawt... the only thing I'd change is the underwear! Why superman?! Superman's lame. Spiderman's hot!

  4. Sorry Anon, do not know who #2 is :(

    lol JiEL, hairy chest pics are few and far between on this blog, in fact this just might be the first! :)

    Dimmy, no super hero discrimination on this blog please! (

  5. Hi,
    Well, I surely noticed the hairless pics all over.
    I, myself' is a HAIRLESS man.. NO hair at all and many of my friends envy me for that..
    No need to shave my face or body...LOL !!
    BUT I can say that I like nice body hair when it's not like BEAR type.
    As a matter of fact, my partner is quite hairy and I loooove him so much..

    So, maybe HAWT could consider putting more hairy beautiful guys???

    I'll try to send you some...

  6. My dear JiEL,
    I fully agree, but in France at least, a hairy man is completely gone out of fashion, not to say a "has been".
    Too natural, doubtless!
    And it, paradoxically while French(ies) claim to want to be more and more environmentalist and close to the nature.
    The human race is made of contradictions, my friend.


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