Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Poll and Poll Results to date

I have been speaking out recently on this blog... your thoughts?


Poll Results



  1. Is there another blogger with a sense of humour that surpasses yours?

  2. hmmmm.... not sure whether my response should be... thanks... or yes there are... or OMG look at all those charts I created - obviously I take this poll shit very seriously Beeatch!! :)

    So I will settle on... thanks I think :) xo

  3. Custom Repsonses;
    - It needs to be done. Ray
    - You work do hard on this blog, you deserve the right to speak! I don't always agree with you.
    - It is your blog. do what you want.
    - We should ALL speak up when we have something to say. Otherwise, nothing improves or changes.
    - I don't know what's going on with Google but sitting back doing nothing certainly won't change anything. I commend your efforts. What can others/nonbloggers do? Keep up the good work, we appreciate it!!!!

    Thanks :)

  4. The sense of humour of Steve surpasses the sense of humour of Hawt, and the sense of humour of my Steevy surpasses the sense of humour of Steve.

  5. More Custom Responses;
    - I have visited other sites which are more explict in showing actual gay sex than your site. I don't understand how your site is in the cross hairs of Google. Keep up the good fight.
    - I rarely comment but l check out your blog. every day. I love it!! TY
    - You have every right, to have your voice heard, Mally
    - It's great to hear your thoughts...especially since we agree on most things!
    - It's good - I DO wish you would resurrect the "unplugged" though!
    - Here for the Pics, but I don't mind getting a little information too.


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