Friday, April 15, 2011

Lennart Richter

Lennart Richter-008Lennart Richter-007Lennart Richter-004
Lennart Richter-010Lennart Richter-009Lennart Richter-011
Lennart Richter-002Lennart Richter-006Lennart Richter-003
Lennart Richter-001Lennart Richter-005


  1. What a nice looking young fella. He rather looks like the cleaner boy we had at my last office.

  2. In deed he is quite good looking.
    One thing I notice on a man is his EARS..

    AND Lennart has those sort of little cute shaped ears that I just MELT to....

    Ears are one thing I'm fussy about. The other thing are the teeth.
    Not to mention his intelligence and respect.
    To say how much I loooove my BF: he has a 187 IQ level....

    LONG way down the list is the «male tool»......

    Beauty is in the eyes of the one that is looking to you.

  3. Jason, I cannot believe you quit your job when you had such great benefits!! Silly boy... are they looking for an assistant to Cleaner Boy? :)

    JiEL... for me it is the eyes first and foremost, then the lips, but from a very different perspective :) But I agree, beauty is in the eye of... ummm... the beholder... lol... you French guys are only so wordy because your language is so beautiful, I wish you and Pâtisserie would comment en français :)

  4. Cher ami,

    Si tel est votre désir, je me ferai un plaisir de vous écrire dans la langue de Molière si vous n'avez pas de problème à me lire...
    J'avais oublié la fin du:«Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder»....
    Mon anglais est toujours à parfaire et je n'avais pas mon «mari» près de moi pour m'aider.
    Il est plus anglophone que francophone malgré qu''il maitrise bien le français, l'espagnol, le grec, l'allemand et le langage des sourds....

    Il est adorable...JE L'AIME TANT...

    Je vous souhaite autant d'AMOUR à TOUS..

    Amicalement et tendrement vôtre.
    JiEL, Montréal, Canada

  5. C'est tellement mieux JiEL:) la musique pour mes mon coeur:) xo

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