Friday, April 08, 2011

Julien Chanca

Julien Chanca-051Julien Chanca-054Julien Chanca-052
Julien Chanca-058Julien Chanca-059Julien Chanca-055
Julien Chanca-056Julien Chanca-060Julien Chanca-057
Julien Chanca-053


  1. I think I have a soft spot for everyone named Julien......

    Top stuff as always.

  2. Though the red feather ensemble is quite a lure, perhaps a PASSION post could drag me out of this cozy, dark bear cave ;) xoxoxoxo

  3. Thanks Jason, I hope to read more about this when you get to J... in the "A to Z - what's in my head" series running on your blog... Americans will just not appreciate the wittiness of that rhyme :)

    SheDothReturnykens... I always appreciate your subtlety.... haha

    Love ya both! xoxo

  4. LOL
    (I means lots of love, obviously)


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