Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Juliano Allgayer

Juliano Allgayer-038Juliano Allgayer-040Juliano Allgayer-039
Juliano Allgayer-031Juliano Allgayer-034Juliano Allgayer-032
Juliano Allgayer-033Juliano Allgayer-037Juliano Allgayer-035
Juliano Allgayer-036


  1. I can't think what to say about him, except for yes please! Well, I've got some ironing that needs doing, and then there's the kitchen to clean.......

  2. I'm not a TWINK lover but Juliano might be an exception to this.
    I just love his body because he has a nice torso, well balanced and with nice muscles coming out...
    Also, his face is «adorable» and «aimable»...
    I surely would love to have him in my arms and hug him tenderly...

    Nice post here... JUST LOVE IT...

    CHEERS from Montréal, Canada

  3. My dear JiEL,
    Isn't TWINK a shortening of TWINKLE ,(scintiller, pétiller) which is something rather nice and more pleasant which everybody can love?


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