Monday, April 04, 2011

Jud Birza

Jud Birza-015Survivor: NicaraguaJud Birza-011
Jud Birza-014Jud Birza-012Jud Birza-013
Jud Birza-020Jud Birza-021
Jud Birza-017Jud Birza-018Jud Birza-019


  1. Ohh my goodness, he's a real hawt top totty if ever there was one. I adore this look!

  2. I've changed your link URL on Smutty Stuff!

  3. Thanks Micky :)
    Jason... this hawtie totty top won a million bucks in Survivor last year... so now a hawtie totty big-shotty top :)

  4. Full name = Judson John "Fabio" Birza.
    He looks like a good small devil on the photo 013. We would damn ourselves for less than that.

    I had understood that it would be necessary to wait for a new post during some weeks. I am happy to have made a mistake.
    I see that you manage fairly well. I trust for the continuation.
    Did Hawt Unplugged died and has been buried for ever?
    Amicalement. XO

  5. I wonder if he can spare a tenner then......

  6. Frenchie, I did not mean to suggest that I was stopping posting on this blog, I am just in the process of changing the platform and where the hawties are housed, a primary resident address change of sorts :)

    Jason, I am sure that you, of all people, would be be able to persuade Judson John to part with a tenner or two :)

  7. Thanks Steevy.
    I have not understood at the the previous post, but here, I had understood by myself.
    You have not answered about Hawt Unplugged. How many tenners for an answer?

  8. lol Frenchie... sorry... I meant to answer that as well :) I am not sure about Unplugged at this moment to be honest, I would like to determine why my account was closed first. I have now assessed the damage on this blog to be closer to 10,000 pictures lost, about 1,200 posts exist, but there is no content :(

    So my answer is real easy from that perspective... if I could get the deleted content of this blog back at the expense of losing Unplugged entirely? Absolutely YES!!

    Am I giving up on Unplugged completely? Absolutely NOT! One step at a time :)

  9. Thank you, my friend.
    When it will restart, make it know us in capital letters of fire.
    XO <3


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