Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hawt Sound Effects

I have an incredible announcement  <—click this

Are you content without interactive sound feedback?

Is this something you have always longed for?

Well now you got it!!   Right here on HAWT Blog!!

Now you might be asking yourself … this is just a picture blog, how can this amazing enhancement be incorporated into a blog like this?  Well, I don’t have an answer for that just yet but I am working on some ideas and they are going to be pretty special

For example, what you didn’t know was supposed to be funny will now be clear with simple but effective interactive sound feedback or something like this to help identify one of my snappy little quips

I’m sure you will agree that this innovation is going to revolutionize blogging!


  1. Micky, something tells me you do not share my enthusiasm...

  2. That sounds fun Steve. I like the 4th one down (Well now you got it). I imagine neil sounds like this when confronted with a bit of eyecandy, especially Asian boys!


  3. lol Dee... I would have thought Neil might have sounded like this... :) xo

  4. My dear Steevy, I don't if this innovation is going to revolutionize blogging, but I am revolutionized myself!
    It's a great moment, a great event, a great day :
    the first time I can hear your voice!!!!
    I recognized it at once without having heard it ever!
    I'm happy, (as would say Droopy)!
    Can we leave soon spoken comments?
    I love you (and your dear voice)

  5. You just wait and see mon cher doux pâtisserie française :) Years from now people will look back at this moment and say... ... I will translate for you... "that guy was a blogging revolutionizer that liked the colour maroon and was very magnanimous"

    You will have to wait for my new blog format for the true fabulousness of this innovation to be unveiled, but it is gonna be hawt!

  6. I"ll have you (all) know, Im rater quiet when I find a MANtastic bit of Eye Candy. No sound effects needed.

  7. You are right, son. But more especially, it's an excellent thing that a child can play.
    Especially when he need to let off stream, after all the muck which the vile Google made him undergo.
    Then amuse you, please, my dear Steevy, with your new toys.
    I do not laugh, I find it very beneficial, very loveable and even touching.
    Nevetheless, more seriously, I'm breathless of emotions looking forward to your new blog format.
    My best regards to the only man whom I know who is the friend of an old pastry.

  8. A sweet French pastry :) xo


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