Saturday, April 30, 2011

Google Friend Connect

I removed Google’s Friend Connect widget today.

I was a little creeped out about it when it first started a few years ago, because a lot of the people I saw on it on other blogs were clearly spammers… out to get you click to their splogs designed solely to get you to click through to some pay-site.

When I first put it up on this blog I used to block all the spammers that wanted to be my friend… lol… I blocked over 300 of them.  The last year or so I said “screw it, I’ll take any friend I can get!” and stopped checking out who they all were.

For some reason, today I went through a long overdue look at who my Followers were on Friend Connect.  There is no question that there were lots and lots that I am happy and honoured to have as Followers and potential Friend Connects (??)… but a hell of a lot of ‘em were just fucking spammers using Friend Connect to lure people to their splogs.  And quite honestly... it is this kind of scum that has necessitated Google having to send out their bots that seem to be flagging a whole lot of gay blogs. 

So although I may bitch at Google for their questionable tactics in hunting down spam… it is the lowlife scum spammers that are at the heart of all this… you know who you are… FUCK OFF and go slither back under your rock!

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but this blog now loads about 20% faster without Friend Connect!  It is a real pig with connecting to different shit… that I don’t understand… but really slows down things :)  Yes I know… there are lots of things I could do to get it to load faster… but I love my dancing links :)

And just to be clear… my getting rid of Friend Connect does not mean that I am not grateful for the many that were legitimate… and it does not mean that I am NOT accepting new friends… my email is posted or you can comment with… lol… your friend connectivity desires :)

Linking to splogs is one of the things that the Google bots are searching for.  It seems to me that Friend Connect is being used by spammers quite a bit, and wouldn’t that be considered a link?  I don’t want to support spammers… I WANT THEM GONE… and I intend on going through my list and reporting all the obvious ones to Google… idk… maybe all of us bloggers should be a little more vigilant in rooting them out… especially considering how many of us are getting caught in the crossfire…  these are uncertain times…

Below is just one page from Friend Connect… almost EVERY page is like this!! 




A real easy way to spot them is their use of symbols at the start of their blog names so that their splogs will appear at the top of Follower and Link Lists.


Here is what a Top Contributor said in Google’s Help Forum when I asked about Google Friend Connect

Spammers are the root cause of all the blog closings!
Google sets the Bots loose when there is an increase of spam, and many legitimate gay blogs get caught in the crossfire.  Spam on Blogger is a real problem, and there lots that pose as legit gay blogs.

As Bloggers and Followers we can bitch and complain,
or we can take an active role in getting rid of them…



  1. I think you are right,
    At first because you are a good friend and because as a result all that you say or make is said well and done well.
    Secondly, because you are right.

    It is not completely the same problem (maybe) but I invite you warmly to read it :

    I do not know if you know Beautifulmag, who dedicates itself essentially to the connections of the art and the male homosexuality, but I did not really think that such an adversity can strike it.

    My best kisses of the day for my beloved Steevy.

  2. I'm very naive about all this (even though I lost google blogs to the mess they call 'spam') But how would I recognise a 'splog' if i fell over one?

    Perhaps you'd like to mail me with the answer if you don't want to publish it here.

  3. Hey, I agree with you. I have been thinking of dropping the follower gadget for a while. The only people who are signing up as "followers" are actually fishing for followers. although i do like it as an easy way to add blogs to my dashboard which makes surfing easyier. Oh well what to do.

  4. I updated this post with my results and some thoughts.

    I really do not think anyone should display Friend Connect!! On most blogs it is full of Spammers... and we should not support them.


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