Wednesday, April 06, 2011

An Appeal to Fellow Bloggers

Over the past weeks I have become acquainted with Google’s Help Forum, and the issues fellow bloggers have been facing EVERY day with the continuing and unrelenting attack by Google on the blogging community.  The attack is not just focused on the gay community, but to all of us in this community, the havoc being wreaked is particularly evident, and stats are being tracked.

I have also become aware of just how much Jeff and Brent do for us through their blog Google/Blogger Closes Gay Blogs.  Jeff started this blog as a result of his own blog closure and his ensuing battle in the help forum to have it reinstated.  He has since been a very lonely voice of advocacy in the forums for accountability and change.  When he started speaking out there was no review process at all, and there was little visibility about the extent to which all these closures affected the gay community.  Since then, the review process has been adopted (albeit just a sham at this stage) and there is growing awareness in the help forum about how much this happens to gay blogs.  I am trying to lend my support to all that Jeff has done by speaking up in the forums as well.  Jeff has accomplished a great deal with his one voice, but he needs a lot more support in there, if enough of us speak up against this ludicrous system, then we can force Blogger to become accountable and to adopt change.

We can get more voices by raising the awareness level within the gay online community to how much damage is being inflicted.  If you are under the belief that this is only happening to porn blogs, you are sorely mistaken.

As bloggers, we can help to raise awareness, support Jeff and Brent’s efforts, and hopefully encourage others to speak out.  I created the widget below for that purpose and to highlight the number of blogs that have been closed.  When I made it two weeks ago, the number was at 1,055.  At the time of this writing another 49 bloggers have had their blogs closed since, and that is ONLY what gets reported.  I don’t just see a number when I look at the counter, I see a 1,104 blogs just like mine that have been closed without reason, and without due recourse.  This blog may be another number in that total next week, and yours might be too.

The gadget is easy to set up, fully configurable, and works on any blog platform.  I submitted it to Blogger for inclusion in their Gadget directory early last week, lol, I have heard nothing back. 

Let’s show Google Blogger that we are aware of what they are doing, that we think the closing of so many gay blogs is shameful, and that we support the efforts of Jeff and Brent by displaying this counter on our blogs. It is updated twice weekly with the latest casualty figures.


  1. Customizable colors would be nice...not that I'm fussy or anything... lol

  2. Of course you talking about the colours of the letters, NOT just the background :)
    I will get right on that... hmmm... wonder what the colour code for URSuchABitch is? :) xo

  3. Well, I'm almost sure you'll let me know as soon as you've found out. ;)

  4. Somebody said a day to the General deGaulle:
    " It would be necessary to get rid of assholes (idiots)! "
    The General answered him : " Vast program! "
    That is why, my dear Steevy, I say to you good courage for your " vast program ".
    But remember Don Quixote fighting against windmills.
    Is the most important to overcome Google or to escape from its cannibalistic appetites of gay Blogs?

  5. Valid points Frenchie, I guess it would be easier to just move on, say nothing, and sit on the sidelines and watch it continue. I did that for many years. But I did it out of ignorance and because I only thought it happened to porn blogs.

    I may be naive, but I am no longer ignorant. If we can increase awareness, then we increase the chances of finding voices willing to speak up.

    It's all a numbers game. The more voices the louder the roar.

  6. Good initiative. Too late for my previous google blog :(

  7. Valid points, Steevy (as would say a good author).
    There is no acceptable reason so that a blog is differently handled as it is gay or not.
    The only valid criterion is to know if it makes something illegal or not.
    And it following the national laws, and not according to the laws of Google.
    And even in that case, the procedure should not be automatic, one-sided and without advance notice.
    As would say it Baron de Coubertin (inspired by a sermon of the bishop of Pennsylvania during the Game of 1908) : " The important is to participate "
    In this particular case, to participate in your fight!
    The ideal would have been to drag Google in front of the courts (they have heavily just been condemned in France for violation of the private life with Google Earth).
    Or still that all the blogs gays leave Google at the same time.
    But there, " I have a dream ", but I know that it is only a dream an no more.
    In summary, I approve and I support your fight against the squalid animal Google, but I have not many illusions as for the outcome of the wrestling of the man against the machine.
    Nevertheless, according to a a famous quote from the king Guillaume d'Orange : "It is not necessary to be hopeful in order to try, nor to be successful in order to persevere."
    And thus, continue, my friend!
    Yo know that, bloggers or not, your readers are with you.

  8. Regarding your sentence : "I guess it would be easier to just move on, say nothing, and sit on the sidelines and watch it continue", I have just read a quote of William Shedd by Phil of AOM : "A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for."
    And what is true for boats is obviously true for the sailors, my dear admiral Steevy.

  9. Thanks Patrick :) xo

    Thank you Nicolas... btw it works on tumblr too :)
    Here are the installation instructions...


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