Saturday, April 16, 2011

Alarming Trends

Just for the fun of it, I went through Google/Blogger Closes Gay Blogs and charted the number of gay blogs closed since May 30th of 2010.


Gay blogs are being closed down at THREE times the rate they were less than a year ago!!



I am not a conspiracy theorist by nature, but come on!  Really Google Blogger?!?!  You are shutting gay blogs down at 3 times the rate of a year ago and declaring us all SPAM blogs.  You expect us to buy this?  You expect us to sit back and say nothing?  FUCK YOU!!

I suck at statistical analysis and forecasting, but this data suggests to me that a year from now we are going to be looking at close to 5,000 gay blogs closed if current trends continue.

Come on gay bloggers, we need to increase awareness, we need to stand up and demand answers – Google Blogger, why is this happening?

Display the counter of shame while you still can, let those bastards Google know we are watching and tracking!

Shame Counter

It’s really easy to set up, click here for instructions.


  1. And that's only the ones we know about!

  2. I'm really with you on all of this, but I don't think calling the Google people "bastards" will help this blog survive...

  3. @Anon... although I do not think that Google is that petty and vindictive, I agree that my words could be interpreted as a generalization of all Google people... which is not at all what I intended. In going through Jeff and Brent's pages to accumulate the numbers, I came across so many blogs that I knew very well, and that are no more... it was very depressing, and I got very angry... I apologize for that.

    I remain, at heart, a big fan of Google and their initiatives, but there is something VERY WRONG going on within the Blogger ranks!

  4. I heard on a radio yesterday that Facebook deletes on average twenty thousand accounts a day.
    I said well twenty thousand per day.
    I know well that in this figure there is who are deleted at the request of their creators, of the others some ones who deserved it etc.
    I know however it is not our problem which concern blogs.
    But all the same, I do not understand how it would be possible if Facebook had to make every time an in-depth study and for stronger reason a contradictory study.
    The quantity of necessary staff would be plethoric and ruinous.
    And I do not even speak about necessary time.
    On this point, what is true for Facebook is it also for Google.
    It is evident, I think, that for Facebook as for Google, the immense majority are deleted by automatons which apply more or less valid criteria.
    These explanations are no more than explanations, and obviously in no case justification, on the contrary.

  5. @ ANON Oh hell, you can call Google anything you want. They just made $18 Billion dollars. Do you really think they care?

  6. Patrick... I am sure our friends at Google have very very detailed stats about how many blogs they shut down and why. I am absolutely certain their statistical analysis identifies content type and specific content flagged by their robots. But they choose to share none of this information, they just call it Spam.

  7. That is all the more stupid as the word "spam" concerns only e-mails, as far as I know.
    But it is maybe initials?
    That could correspond for example to:
    "Stupid Protection of American's Morality".
    But, knowing much better English than me, you will find without doubts of better hypotheses.

  8. Postscript: You wrote "our friends at Google".
    Does that mean "nobody"?

  9. No Patrick, there are Spam blogs too... called SPLOGS...

    I am a "glass half full" kind of guy, so I would like to think that there are a number of friends at Google :)

  10. Thanks for the lesson, my dear professor.
    I've liked the comment of Jeff too.
    But your blog is OBVIOUSLY not a spam nor a splog or whatever they call it.
    As for me, I am a "glass full" kind of guy with my friends, but I am a "glass empty" kind of guy with those who betray my friendship.
    The difference between us comes maybe from my venerable age.
    In that case, go on being young, my dear Steevy, and do not lose your illusions.


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