Friday, April 15, 2011


I was hoping to have a big extravaganza like last year, but I have had to focus on rebuilding. 
I’d link to last year’s party pics at least… but all of those pics are gone

This blog is 4 today


UPDATE:  My first present…

KeithR has posted an answer to the question "Account Disabled and now Paid Storage lost":

“@sasasasa, the general impression is that when Google finds that your account was disabled unnecessarily they get on to it quickly.  When you hear nothing it probably means that they have determined that the disabling was a result of some contravention of the terms and conditions.

My recommendation at this stage is that you create a new account, read through the terms and conditions carefully and make sure that you stay well inside the rules.


  1. When i read Google's Terms and Conditions recently it occurred to me that if you posted pictures and compiled a big blog list and particularly if you had adverts on your blog then you might well look just like a SPAM blog and I wonder if that very wide definition might have caught a lot of us out.

    More likely that they simply don't care cos most of us don't earn them any money.

    Anyway - Happy Birthday! At four years old you'll be going to school soon . . .

  2. Omg...I fly in from out of town, pick up a cake, a bouquet of snapdragons and a bottle of Drambuie...and NO PAETY? Ugh. Fine, I'll just go make out with the DJ in the coat room...laterz! :)

    Happy Birthday Big Boy HAWT!

  3. I swear I did not type and E in

  4. Happy happy happy birthday. Many more to come.

  5. Happy Birthday HAWT. You're not the first blog I ever read but you're the first one I kept coming back to. A class act.
    Could somebody pass the Krug,please?

  6. Micky, the definition of a Spam blog is very clearly documented as is the definition of Link Farming.
    Your blog was deemed to be Spam - that is just WRONG, it had NONE of the characteristics of one!

    Thanks Babykens, Jason, and DannyJay :) xo

  7. My dear Steevy,
    In the first place, my best congratulations for this fourth birthday of which I admit that I did not very well understand if it is about the anniversary of your blog or about yourself.
    If I refer to Micky's comment, it is about yourself, and I must recognize that you are rather precocious, being capable of having such a blog.
    Secondly, you wrote "all of those peaks are gone". I admit that I did not very well understand (peaks being in no dictionary) but I remind you that I downloaded almost the totality of Hawt and the totality of Hawt Unplugged.
    I can send them to you via Dropbox if you wish it and if it can save your invaluable young life of big four-year-old little boy.

  8. One of my favorite gay-themed Google blogs was deleted today. It was a photo blog much like HAWT, but contained no nude photos at all. Just FYI.

  9. Happy 4th Birthday you crazy nut! ;)

  10. @My very dear Babykens,
    Useless to swear it.
    We believe in you.
    An angel would not know how to lie.
    And moreover, that happens all the time at everybody that his keyboard give itself over to this kind of pranks.
    I wish you an excellent weekend, to you and to your family.
    Your French(ie) lover for ever.

  11. Awww, thanks Frenchie. Your sweetness couldn't have come at a better time! xox An angel, huh? LOL :) My angelic moments are few and far between I suppose.

    I am the queen of typos .... I blame my morning coffee buzz for that one up there :P Hope all is well and kiss that grey velvet puppy of yours for me!!

  12. @Pâtisserie :) I may often act like a 4 year old, but it is my blog that is 4 :) Thank you for the offer of my "peaks"... lol... pictures... but I have them all on my hard drive, it is the "valleys" that I have misplaced... badumbump :) The task at hand is to now upload and re-generate all the missing pictures... yikes!

    @Anon... which blog was that?

    @Luke... thanks baby... hawt header btw :)

  13. If with that I do not manage to make you laugh, my dear Steevy, it will not more remain than to try the tickle, but given the distance, it will not be easy.
    You know you can find pictures with the toolbar of Google. You can see here that in the result of the searches, Google keeps the images of the blogs which they deleted.
    In summary the blog (Boybyboy) is condemned because of the pictures that it contains, but the same pictures are not deleted in Google search.
    The slogan of Google: "Don't do what I do."
    Look for the error!
    I thought that that could interest our friends who dedicate a blog to the deleted blogs, but I leave you the care of informing them.
    Here is the link, but I can send to you a screen capture if necessary.,r:2,s:0ei=JrSpTYj0PNKr8APhoe24Ag&prev=/images%3Fq%3DTREVOR%2BBRIGHTON%26hl%3Dfr%26safe%3Doff%26gbv%3D2%26biw%3D872%26bih%3D853%26tbm%3Disch&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=355&vpy=80&dur=10257&hovh=194&hovw=259&tx=152&ty=92&oei=JrSpTYj0PNKr8APhoe24Ag&page=1&ndsp=23&ved=1t:429,r:2,s:0

  14. I've mailed to you the screen capture translated in english.

  15. Thank you Patrick, I have reported it...

    There are different levels of punishment at Google... ranging from disabling specific Google services to disabling the whole account.

    I think the case with "Boy o Boy" is that it was just the blog that was deleted, and not his Picasa service as well.

    In my case, my whole account was disabled (?!?!) so I lost all services associated with that account. I am just lucky that this blog was not set up under that account. I STILL do not know what I did that warranted the most extreme punishment... I honestly thought I was playing by the rules...

  16. The image stacked on the destroyed) blog is not an image of (or in) Picassa which has nothing to do with Google.
    As far as I know Picassa belongs to Mozilla, the editor of Firefox.
    The image about which I speak was generated BY Google.
    Google destroyed the packaging (= the blog) because of its contents but Google keep the copies that it made of these contents.
    In summary, he destroys the blog so that we do not see images, and these same images, Google not only keep them but puts them in exhibition.
    You do not find it absurd?
    What think of all this our friends who manage the blog of the destroyed blogs?
    Let them read my comments, PLEASE.

  17. I will ask Jeff to comment as he is the expert on these issues, but Picasa is owned by Google, as is YouTube. They operate as separate corporate entities but are all part of the Google empire...

    Jeff, can you respond to Patrick's question about deleted blog images remaining available?

  18. You are right about Picasa. I should have verified by myself.
    I am impressed by the list of the acquisitions of Google.
    Maybe they mistreated you to incite you to sell them Hawt?
    Thank you, Steevy.

  19. What?!?! oh la la.... you really think I would sell out for a few million dollars? Cdn please! :)

  20. I think and I hope you would'nt.
    But who can say which ideas can squat and stagnate in the brain (or its erzatz) of a Googleman.

  21. There would have to be a lot of zeroes at the end of their offer... at LEAST 3 :)

  22. They would be still capable of destroying their own blog having bought it.

  23. Birthday? Birthday? Well happy fuckin' Birthday, Steve! Perhaps being 4 has turned you into such a Bad Boy! lol

  24. @ Patrick HI! As you now know, Google does own picasa. They bought it out several years ago. Indeed, there is some confusion over Google's response to perceived and actual violations of TOS. Not only are there different levels of punishment, they keep on changing. As an example, about a year ago Blogger did not REMOVE blogs for perceived TOS violations. Blogger LOCKED them. The blog owner could get to his blog and continue blogging, but no one could see the blog until a review had been done. Today, when a viewer or owner sees REMOVED - that just means removed for viewing or using. No human being actually has anything to do with the process up to this stage. Blogger hopes that most owners will just slink away and not proceed through the arduous steps of trying to get a blog re-opened. And that's exactly what happens...most just slink away. Until an owner requests a review and it actually reaches the eyes of a human employee at Google - that is the FIRST time a human sees the blog. Absolutely nothing has been deleted. The blog is still there, the picasa images are still there...just not accessible or viewable. Only a human Google employee can delete a blog or picasa images....and that almost never happens.

    Go to Google search. Type in the name of a REMOVED blog. Hit enter. Go to the left and ask for images only. Voila! Images from the "REMOVED" blog. That's where I go to get images from removed blogs when I want to write a short article about them. I really don't know when, if or how picasa images are destroyed. My guess is never. I'm guessing that the collection can no longer exist as a picasa account, but at least some of the images are still available.

    I also read in the Help Forums that a TC (Top Contributer) was asked by a blogger to open his unused blog of 10 years. The blog and the images were still there. Remember we are dealing with a company who made $18 Billion. Google has more bandwidth and storage capabilities than you can imagine. Google may tell an owner that they can no longer get to their g-mail, their blog, their picasa images, etc., but that doesn't mean that they don't exist! How could they ever defend themselves in a lawsuit! Believe me, it's all still there. Jeff

  25. @JEFF,
    Thank you for this long detailed and learned answer. All this seem to me so absurd and inconsistent...

    Google was recently condemned for a heavy penalty by the French courts for violation of the private life by Google Earth.

    I maybe wrong, but I think that they would also be condemned for other practices if they did not benefit of the extraterritoriality.

    Thanks again, bravo and good luck for your hard but fair fight, and kisses to you...

    ...and kisses to the "Bad Boy" of your previous comment(otherwise I'm afraid he would be jealous as can be 4yo childs).

  26. Thanks Jeff for the birthday wish and your response for Patrick.... hahaha... and I thought I was wordy! :)

    Thanks for the kisses Pâtisserie, it is true that I felt a tantrum coming on which has now been consoled :)


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