Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When Google UnFriends You

What did I do? What did I say? There must be some mistake... a misunderstanding? This makes no sense at all, we've been friends for a long time... let's talk and sort this out!

This is just my experience... of trying to find out why I was dumped... and of trying to rekindle our friendship...

I thought we were friends?



  1. Great blog! Whomever wrote it is freakin HAWT I bet ;) Oh, and is a master of apostrophe usage.

  2. haha beeatch :) I have no idea what you are talking about with your reference to apostrophe usage, perhaps you should retract that malicious allegation and offer the blog owner, who I agree is probably HAWT, an effusive apology :)

  3. oh here we go with the public apologies again! Alrighty then: I'm sorry for correcting "the blog owner's" punctuation error. I beg forgiveness from said blog owner (who is irrefutably HAWT) and hereby pledge to keep malicious (though true) comments to thyself. Even though I may indeed have a few more.

  4. mhm... the blog owner, who really is HAWT, reluctantly accepts your apology, though is disappointed by its non-effusiveness... :)

  5. Sorry. I was UP LATE last night doing research. Maybe after I nap I'll sound more "effusive" :P

  6. What a co-ink-a-dink... I am looking for a researcher that can deliver relevant and useful results... the one I am using is a bit of a scatter-brain, easily distracted, and terribly dramatic :(

  7. ...and yet you wouldn't have it any other way.
    I love you too, Dweeboid.

  8. I was dumped from google too :(

    I hate google... as much as I love your blog.

    Cheers !

  9. Google's nuts - and that apostrophe is in the right place.

  10. J'apprécie beaucoup votre blog, vos merveilleuses contributions. Je suis attaché à votre travail, à votre quête, à la finesse de vos recherches, aux découvertes que vous nous invitez à partager. J'espère que google reconnaîtra la noblesse de votre approche. Longue vie à Hawt !

  11. oh la la... merci Roland :)
    And thank you Nicolas and Frank... xo

  12. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention before (seeing as how I'm such a scatter brain). You spelled "terribly" wrong up there in your comment. It's actually spelled, w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l-l-y.

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  14. I received a msg from Googs this morning saying that he has escalated the investigation into why I became UnFriended... not sure what will come of it, but at least he is starting to take my calls again...

  15. My very dear Steevy,
    Between friends, the links which unite them create obligations of order morality, in particular that to say to himself the truth when it is not pleasant to hear.
    Between Google and you the link is not and cannot be a bond of friendship. You are their customer, and they are your supplier. Full stop. The only matter which counts is the contract which they respect or not, well or badly.
    Your relations did not evolve of association in unfriendly, but only of maids in bad.
    I lost 52000 files myself today of which I was able to get back only 48000 thanks to my savings, and I don't imagine that my computer is unfriendly with me.
    It is necessary that the test which you underwent made you lose the compass so that you can imagine a friendly relation with what is only a commercial entity where the heart, the respect, the feelings, do not exist or otherwise expressed in dollars.
    You know that I am with you and that you quite feel sorry.
    Your last comment reassures me a little.

    Mon très cher Steevy,
    Entre amis, les liens qui les unissent créent des obligations d'ordre morale, en particulier celle de se dire la vérité même quand elle n'est pas agréable à entendre.
    Entre Google et toi le lien n'est pas et ne peut pas être un lien d'amitié. Tu es leur client, et ils sont ton fournisseur. Point final. La seule chose qui compte est le contrat qu'ils respectent ou non, bien ou mal.
    Vos relations n'ont pas évolué d'amicale à inamicale, mais seulement de bonnes à mauvaises.
    J'ai moi-même perdu aujourd'hui 52000 fichiers dont je n'ai pu récupérer que 48000 grâce à mes sauvegardes, et je ne n'imagine pas que mon ordinateur s'est montré inamical avec moi.
    Faut-il que l'épreuve que tu as subie t'ai fait perdre la boussole pour que tu puisses imaginer une relation amicale avec ce qui n'est qu'une entité commerciale où le cœur, l'estime, les sentiments, n'existent pas ou sinon exprimés en dollars.
    Tu sais que je suis avec toi et que tu as toute ma compassion.
    Ton dernier commentaire me rassure un peu.

  16. Thanks Patrick :) I assure you that I am under no illusion as to the nature of my relationship with Google. If you spend some time on the Google Help Forums, or read the comments on Jeff and Brent's blog (Google Closes), you will see that people take this very personally, it is much different than your hard drive failing...
    I added a new counter to the bottom of the right sidebar called The Count of Shame... it is the number of REPORTED gay blog closings by Google that Jeff and Brent track. No doubt there are hundreds more not reported to them.

  17. You say that you are under no illusion, but it is nevertheless the title of your comment followed by "we have been friends for along time".
    I indeed understand that it is different from my problem of computer. The same difference than between to lose something and it be stolen.
    The loss is the same but not the anger.
    I visited several times the blog of your friends Jeff and Brent. It is terrible, and it is obviously only the part appearing of the iceberg named Google which competes with that of Titanic as well about their temperature or about damages which they commit.
    Look at your e-mails, please.

  18. It is completely "tongue-in-cheek" my friend... pince-sans-rire?


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