Sunday, March 13, 2011


1000-4Go to HAWT Blog Tumblr
Oh such heady days!!  The 5 millionth visitor soon on this blog, my 4th birthday extravaganza in a month, and hopefully today I will get my 1,000th Follower on tumblr… just two more needed :)


  1. Hey thanks Pat!! Since EYECATCHER was my inspirational blog... AND you were my 1st supporter... I'm kicking my heels right now :) xoxo

  2. aren't even there yet? hahaha

  3. wow! congratulations! :D

  4. Thanks Chad Anonywick :) Sorry that you only have like 300... haha

  5. Stunning achievement! Bravo!

  6. lol... don't know that it is all that stunning... but thanks :) I want you at my birthday gala, you can make the first toast! :) xo

  7. It is a scandal!
    How is it that this is the first time that I see your this blog?
    Why is Unplugg on the top bar and not this one?
    Not even a link on the right side.
    Is this reserved to a company secret?
    Or to a privileged elite which I am not part?
    If yes, you should protect the entry by a confidential access code, my dear Steevy.
    It's a shame. On you or on me? Or both you and me?
    Unless this is duplicate what is already on Hawt "classic"?
    Nevertheless amicalement.
    PS: Can you do for me what you did so kindly for Unplugg?

  8. oh la la... apparently I broke the first rule of tumblr... which is to not talk about tumblr... but I have broken that rule before in some of my "Blatant Self-Promotion" posts I shamelessly toss in every once in awhile to stroke myself... lol... and get stroked... for some insignificant milestone. Maybe the last post that I mentioned tumblr was pre-Frenchie??

    What is tres tres scandalous is that you have not gone through each and every one of the 2,701 posts on this blog!! sacré bleu!

    I suppose I should put a link up to it, I did have one on here for a while.

    But to answer your question about content, anything I post there comes from here, and the vast majority of what you see there is reblogs from other tumblrs I follow. xoxo

  9. I was kidding, and the important thing is that I know Tumblr today.
    Just notice that "pre-Frenchie" corresponds to a period where you were not born, my dear young man.
    I have not come to the first day of Hawt but I have "travelled" it whole.
    I have gone through each and every one of the posts on this blog, but halas not day after day, but category after category and model after model.
    An other problem is that the pictures are ".htm" instead of ".jpg", ".png" and other points created for humans. And the linked pictures too. (This is not the case of other tumblr blogs)
    I know that a ".htm" picture can be dowload directly converted in a ".jpg" only by typing jpg on htm, but even like that it's too much work.
    I despair.

  10. Yes, Steve, you've broken the cardinal rule of Tumblr. Now the Tumbeasts are going to destroy you.

  11. The GMail beasts seem to be at work today... apparently my main email has been disabled, at first I thought... OH NO, MY BLOG!!
    Hopefully I will get it back, and in the meantime, my new email is linked from the main page :(

  12. Highly deserved. Congratulations! :)


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