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Originally posted July 24…
I have a new Tag called FU Google… they are all the posts I have to replace because they deleted my account… and the storage that I PAID for… and the pics from those posts are gone!  Oh, and all the forms I filled out… and their promise to respond within 48 hours?  Not a word back… I remember a different Google… be wary of this one…


  1. We (everybody) read never sufficiently the conditions of use. When this is not at all. Especially for the Softwares.

    For another storage location named Dropbox, for example, can read sentences such as: "Dropbox reserves the right to use our discretion to delete some or all of Your Files."


    And: "Dropbox may delete any or all of Your Files without providing additional notice."

    But also: "If you violate any of these Terms of Service, your permission to use the Site, Content, Files and Services will automatically terminate." (for instance if the owner of a copyright claim).

  2. I had 3000 picture (and account) deleted on flickr. I paid them too every year. Yahoo was easy to deal with, but when google moved in, everything changed.

  3. Well Patrick... I understand that Google or any other storage provider has the right to delete that storage if it is used for illegal purposes, or it violates their TOS. But I am not aware that this was the reason, and if it was, was it one picture or two, or perhaps more? My email is easily accessible on this blog, and I abide with all legitimate requests for removal of any pictures. I would much rather remove any picture(s) that violate their TOS than risk losing the storage.

    If any picture(s) got flagged as violating TOS, even if as many as 100 out of 4,500... deleting the other 4,400 makes no sense. Give the account holder an opportunity to remove the TOS violating pictures, or an opportunity to prove that they are not violating TOS. In going through the Picasa help forum, I see many people talking about receiving an email warning from Picasa about TOS violations... I never received any email from them... I would have taken action to rectify.

    But my biggest bitch is that they shut down everything, all the other services I was using are gone. Was everything in violation of TOS?!?

    So my wariness of Google is not a result of being bitter about losing 4,500 pictures, it's about them being able to shut down everything, without any explanation, and without recourse.

    Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely

  4. My unique power is to tell you that I am one thousand percent agree with you.
    I must therefore not be much corrupted LOL :)
    I wanted to just say that this kind of companies give themselves absolutely all rights, destroy, not warn, not repay, even those who do not have the intention to do so, simply so as to preserve themselves in any case, whatever they do and whatever happens.
    In France, this would be cancelled on the ground "abusive clause", but in the United States or Canada, I don't know.
    Your misfortune is maybe due to the Japanese tsunami? Your images were maybe stored in Japan. For instance, I know that all the accounting of my bank is in India.
    But I know that it is not a consolation, regrettably.

  5. PostScript: "deleting the other 4,400 makes no sense."
    Yes, but it is so much easier and so much faster, and it is the best way to be sure of forgetting none.
    This is obviously not say that I agree.

  6. lol... and I do not mean to suggest that I am not bitter about the 4,500 pictures either :)

    Blogspot's TOS says porn is allowed (within parameters), but Picasa's TOS says no porn (just saw that today!!). If you post to Blogspot a Picasa account is automatically created. If you go on Picaso's help site, they refer to Blog storage and to Picaso storage, like it is different... I never set up any Picasa Web Album for public display... I knew pic's were stored on Picasa, but the auto-created albums were all locked from public display... and they send out warnings of TOS violations... and I was never sent any...

    I am fortunate that my blog was not closed down completely. Many of us that run blogs have an almost familial bond with their blog, especially when it is run without intent to derive income... I know many devastated bloggers, and I know how vulnerable I felt this week, and how devastated I would be... so when put in that perspective... I have nothing to whine about... I just wish we could all find a united voice and stand up to these assholes and demand some sense of fair play... but instead... we just move on to the next fave blog and say nothing... I am as guilty as anyone else... and moreso... I've seen this happening for a number of years and said nothing...

    1,037 gay blogs closed! That's the latest count at GoogleClosesGayBlogs ( another 12 since yesterday!! Lend Jeff and Brent your support. Jeff has been wonderful counsel to me this past week, as he has to many before. In my opinion there is no one in our community better suited to being our Voice on this issue.

    I am very fortunate to have grown up in Toronto. I reap the benefits every day a result of the struggles and battles fought by a gay community before me. Tolerance in Toronto, and in Canada is not inbred, it is the result of gay people standing up and demanding change.

    The gay community has tremendous power, especially on the internet, tapping into it is long overdue.

    Rules need to be clear and understood! Recourse should mandated and not subject to the personal morals and whims of one or two people within Google that are given the anonymous and unaccountable power to be judge, jury, and executioner. One Standard, a uniform Application of that standard, and Accountability!

    My rant on this is done... for today at least... sorry :)

  7. Wow - I could not have said it better!

    If anyone wants to help, here are a few things you can do:

    If you are a blog owner, list us on your blog:

    If you are a blog owner and Google closes your blog or one of your accounts: Fight Back. Go to the help forums and make a post demanding your account(s) be re-opened.

    If you are a blog viewer and notice a Blogger blog REMOVED, notify us with the blog name and URL

    If you are a blog viewer, ask blog owners who don't have us in their blog roll to list us.

    Anyone who does not have a google account can create one. Go into the Help Forums and raise some dust, demand reasons, ask questions, make statements....Act Up, Be Heard!

    Jeff & Brent

  8. Thanks Jeff and Brent :) xo

  9. My dear Steevy, I have said : "We (everybody) read never sufficiently the conditions of use."
    And you have said "Picasa's TOS says no porn (just saw that today!!)"
    No comments!
    Maybe that the TOS did not contain this clause at the origin of your subscription? In that case this clause would not be opposable to you if this change was not notified to you. But how to know!
    As for your anger and for your frustration, not only I understand it but I share it, and you know that I had already had the opportunity to say it to you. XO

  10. I know that Patrick, you have been a wonderful supporter and have a become a friend... I would feel horrible if you thought that any of my previous comments on this post were in any way directed in anger towards you or anything you said... my anger and frustration is directed singularly at Google... no one else... and least of all you :) xo

  11. My dear, derer and dearest Steevy, do not worry. We know and we love each other enough so that it does not need to explain on such subjects.
    Between us this kind of problem is obvious and goes well without explanation.

    Did you see that the Blog "Keith III" has been murdered by Google?!!!!!!!!
    What would be wonderful, it would be that ALL the homosexual sites emigrate towards hosts others than Google without waiting and allowing to be treated as nobodies.

    Rather, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. We have the right to dream about such a solidarity, is not it?

    Kind regards.


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