Friday, March 18, 2011

The Peroutka Twins

Peroutka Twins-011Peroutka Twins-009Peroutka Twins-010
Peroutka Twins-002Peroutka Twins-001Peroutka Twins-003
Peroutka Twins-006Peroutka Twins-007Peroutka Twins-008
Peroutka Twins-004Peroutka Twins-005
For Frenchie :)


  1. did this on purpose! :P lol
    I want your next post to be all dark haired/blue eyes boys, ok babycakes?? *muah*

  2. I would never stoop to such childish behaviour... Posting a couple of blondies just to spite you?!? NEVER!!

  3. Mhm.
    Now bring on the actual HAWTies, please...

  4. :) awww..this kitty's just playin'..swatting at your hanging, furry balls *ahem* so to speak :O

    A few dark haired boys sure would make this kitty purr though. I guess I'll have to go elsewhere... *sigh*


  5. Thanks for the dedication and for the collage, my dear Steevy.
    But notice that they have first names: Jochen & Joerg Peroutka.

  6. lol Frenchie, the last time I did a Twin post, I did not do a very good job on the title, so I was very cautious not to... volant de plumes françaises :) xoxo

  7. I remember perfectly. You've a very good memory, a "non-volatile memory".
    Me too.

    Did you happen to publish film actors? If yes, not very often in any case. An actor such as Gaspard Ulliel would be a good example of dark haired/blue eyes boy capable of pleasing our excellent friend Babykens.

    PostScript: My dear Babykens, I embrace you affectionately and I blame you absolutely not of not having wished me a good St. Patrick's day. First, I am not a Saint, and secondly, I should blame all the world, Steve included.
    In any case, me I will certainly wish you a good St. Babykens' day when the time comes.

  8. Actually Patrick, I almost sent you and email to wish you a St. Patricks Day, honestly. Maybe that pesky, "volatile" memory of mine got in the way again, dangit. Well, feel free to stop by for corned beef and cabbage today. It will be a hoot, you can meet my inlaws and everything :)

    And, a post featuring the love of my life, Gaspard, would be a perfect present for St. Babykens Day. Which is coming up I heard..?? xox

  9. @Babykens: No problem, sweatheart. Enjoy a good weekend


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