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  1. Hello.
    I'm an 18 year old guy and I just want to say that yesterday, when I heard about this woman

    who had died, and heard all about what she did, my whole mind-set changed.

    You see, about a year ago, I finally accepted the fact that I'm gay and for about the past

    year, I have been going back and forth about telling anyone. The only person that knows is

    my best friend who responded by telling me that no matter what, he would always love me and

    continue to be the friend that he has always been.

    However, I come from a very conservative, Christian family who goes to church every Sunday

    and is very active in the church community. My parents have expressed their aversion towards

    gays and anyone who associates with them. So for all this time, I have just kept my secret

    to myself, but hearing about people like Elizabeth Taylor, who do great things for people

    like us and support us with her notoriety and her celebrity has made me understand that

    there is that acceptance out there and that I can be who I really am without being rejected.

    I will be moving out in the Fall and I have planned to let my friends and family know this

    major part of me before I go. All thanks to this celebrity who died and left behind this

    legacy that I just recently heard about, I have finally accepted who I really am and who I

    can be without the humiliation.

    I have read this quote from Taylor many times in the past two days because it just warms my

    heart and I'd like to thank you for posting it. I love your blog and the way you really

    advocate for things. You really have a voice in this little online community and I think

    it's great that you aren't afraid to use it.

    Thank you again.

  2. And so say all of us.

    Thanks, HAWTTWINKS!

  3. Hey Chad, thanks for sharing this. One of my favourite things about running this blog is the incredible diversity in age, culture, and creed of the people that visit.

    This blog is all about fluff and skin-deep beauty, regardless of what lies beneath. The shallowness is by design though... simply... pics of guys I think are hawt :)

    While I may speak out occasionally, I try to keep it to a minimum, people visit this blog to see pretty things... lol... not to see what I have to say about anything.

    There are lots of great blogs and bloggers that are strong advocates and have earned the voice they have... I am flattered by your last two sentences... but you are wrong :) xo

  4. She was a great lady, a true screen goddess, the last of the great icons of the silver screen. She managed to help a huge number of people, especially in the last half of her life, for which we are truly grateful.

    Best wishes to Chad, as he starts this journey in life. He is right, this is a great blog, and whilst you may not think it, it's voice is far reaching, so really, we do thank you.


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