Thursday, March 31, 2011

Links – Part 2


Reciprocal Links is one of the fundamental tools of blogging used to increase visitor traffic to your blog, and to support other blogs, especially new ones.

There is increasing evidence that Google is using links to flag blogs as Spam as part of their fuzzy logic spam detection processes.

As bloggers, we need to know whether the use of Reciprocal Links leaves us vulnerable to being flagged as a Spam blog.

Jeff speaks on this issue.

Add your voice to this thread on the Google Help Forum seeking to get this answered.


  1. There may be more truth in the 'guilt by association' thing than we thought.

  2. My thread on the forum is being ignored by the senior people, in fact the most senior guy closed it to further comments right after I posted it. Fortunately the author can reopen it. The same guy directly attacked Jeff yesterday

    Jeff is much more tolerant than I am :)

  3. Come on folks, post to the thread H A W T has started in the Forums. Let your voices be heard!

  4. You are right, Steevy, but that changes nothing of what Micky said and which seems to me very true.
    I saw little (but I saw it) of sites which decline any responsibility on the contents of those to which they are bound and which warn their visitors of the fact that they have no control over these contents.

    This has nothing to do with what precedes, but I was deprived of my Google browser during a month because they had considered me as a hacker.
    Indeed, I opened two times in succession the blogs the front page of which was the page of warning of Google to modify my bookmark Firefox to note where I had stopped. A real crime, isn't it?
    And this page of warning is made to kick away their responsibility aboutn the contents of the blog, contents which they do not control. We wonder what it would be if they were responsible and if they controlled!

    Your frenchie, with his best kisses.

  5. Postscript: I have to specify that it was not made by somebody from Google but by an automatic Google's program.
    Long live robots!

  6. Regarding guilt by association... Jeff can speak to that much better than I am able to, but in the limited experience I have in the forum, there is no doubt in my mind that this is the case. There have been a number of victories as well, so it is not a lost cause at all.

    I was very concerned about speaking up and being prone to retaliation and account closure. Jeff assured me that this does not happen. The more of us that stand up and let them know we are watching, and don't accept how they operate, the more likely we are to evoke change.

    I spoke out in defense of Sethboyardee blog, and because Seth's blog was ridiculously determined to be a Spam blog, my speaking out means I must be a Spammer too. Jeff has been threatened with being labeled as a Spammer. It is a ruthless dictatorship in the forum run by one guy who rules it with an iron fist. He needs to go as far as I am concerned, but Jeff is a lot kinder in his assessment :)


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