Monday, March 07, 2011

Links, Links, Links

I did a major overhaul on the links I have to other blogs tonight… it was long overdue…

I apologize that so many were inactive and dead… I am a huge fan of a site called Frelic… which is a link monitoring website… but maybe Frelic could just not keep up with all the gay blogs that Blogger has closed down in their latest rampage!!  (Blogger is the host of this blog btw)

Probably half of the links I removed tonight were due to Blogger’s actions!!  A number of blogs that have been operating as long as I have were shut down in recent weeks, for no apparent reason!  What is so insidious about this process is that there is no warning, no opportunity to “rectify” any offensive content, and no one will answer any questions about why it was closed… all you get is a notice that you violated Google/Blogger’s Terms of Service which is so loosely worded that it could cover just about anything! 

Blogger is not the only hosting site that does this, so I don’t want to single them out, but they are the biggest, and like to promote themselves as being so damn gay –friendly.  Well If you’re so gay-friendly, then at least give a blogger an opportunity to respond to any concerns, and maybe actually provide what those concerns are!!  If it is a single post then just delete it and not the whole blog… there are all kinds of friendly resolutions available other than just shutting them down completely…   Jeff and Brent have been blogging about this issue for quite awhile… Google/Blogger Closes Gay Blogs

Advertising Blogs – I also have to apologize for the embarrassingly large number of blogs I linked to that were for the sole purpose of generating “click-through” revenue… I hate ads… with a passion but I especially hate blogs that portray themselves as “no ad” gay blogs, yet every pic you click on leads to some pay site that will put money in their pockets if you sign up.  I have no problem with pay sites, I just don’t like the thousands of blogs created for the sole purpose of luring you to them. 

Blog Ads in General – I am still linking to a number of blogs that run ads, and a few that are really really ad heavy…. and I am conflicted about whether to continue to link to those few, but at least they have some pics that actually open a bigger pic when you click on them… I dunno… I am in no position to judge other blogs content or critique their presentation styles… I just hate ads :) 

The process of going through all my links was very disheartening as so many blogs I liked have been shut down… but there are a lot of great blogs still out there… so give them a visit


  1. Steve, Perhaps I alerted you to those link updates. But you're right about those annoying adverts. There's even a few good blogs out there, one in particular, that are spoilt by those near page size adverts. In the end I just give up visiting them no matter how good the photos are.

    Thanks for your comment on my temporary blog.

    Dee. (Beauty Hunter)

  2. S./Gay CultesMarch 07, 2011

    Excusez-moi, Steeve, d'écrire en français.
    J'approuve tout ce que vous écrivez dans ce post.

    @Deejohn : envoyez-moi un lien vers votre blog provisoire.

  3. I love your site. Thank you.

  4. True, blogs are being sunk as if by torpedoes - you don't see them coming, and they're deadly.I've already missed BITCHBOY, one of the frankest and boldest, and Sugarboyz,, and...and...

  5. I also feel bad about the way blogge or for that reason wordpress, tumblr and other blog servers unjustly treat the gay blogers, I mean some of the blogs that just disapeared are not about porn, not violating a lot of copyrights,at all but they did take them out anyway.

  6. A) Bambiboy has been closed just because a Russian internet site took the same name.
    No censorship at all in their very particular case.
    The day after, they have created a new blog Bambiboyz (whith a Z).
    They had previously duplicated all their pictures day after day on Flick (as recomended by "Google/Blogger Closes Gay Blogs") and the new blog has started with links to their backups for all concerning the previous posts.
    B) I saw on a site a request of the owner of the blog inviting its visitors to report invalid links, and since I never fails to do so, asked or not. But I've never seen a similar request on another blog.
    C) My dear Steevy, I ask you once more to do what is necessary to protect you and to prevent your blog's addicts (of which I am) to be in a state of lack.

  7. Post-scritum : In regards to blogs with ads, rather than play heads or tails, perhaps you can simply cut the pear in two (split the difference) by pointing out they are blogs with ads ?
    Kind regards.

  8. Thanks for your comments :) I took your advice Frenchie, but rather than single out blogs that ran ads, highlighted blogs that were 'Ad Free'... but I also don't want to suggest blogs that run ads are terrible blogs, some of them are my favourites, and I am certainly not opposed to anyone trying to make a few bucks for their efforts either. Nibblebit started off so promising, but now just seems like an ad generator, and the bloggers are getting no revenue.

    I am not sure I like the changes I made to the links... maybe something a little more subtle would be better... any thoughts?

  9. however you do your site, it's still awesome!


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