Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hawt Gadget

Right there... at the top... Shame Counter...  I'm famous!! :)

I created my first Google Gadget today… yay :) It is on display at the bottom of my left sidebar.  My thinking was that it might be something that bloggers could display on their blogs in support of all the work that Jeff and Brent do on our behalf… it links to their blog when clicked, and when I update the gadget with their latest casualty figures, it updates the number on every blog that displays it.

But I really suck at html coding! It took me hours just to figure out how to code this for use on my blog… I really want it to be user-configurable so that it can accommodate the many different layout configurations that blogs have.  Is there anyone that can help?  Please?

I am also hoping to do a major overhaul on the design of this blog.  I’m sure that any of you that are conversant with html must shudder and shake your heads every time you visit :)  I’ve seen the reports from FireBug, YSlow, and PageSpeed for this blog… OUCH… lol… and the new one they started just for me… YUSuck :) 

I want something real slick for the new design… not slick like flashy or anything… but slick with speed of opening and some of the cool shit you can do now :)  I don’t have much to offer other than my eternal gratitude, but maybe a little promotion of your work might be worth something… I might be prepared to run my first ad…  ewww… maybe :) 

First step is getting my awesome gadget ready for prime-time… please click here if you can help… thanks :)

UPDATE:  I figured out how to make my crappy little gadget user configurable, so now you adjust the width, define the alignment, and customize the colour of the background exactly with yours (I would have preferred transparent, but that apparently is not an option).
Here is the Google Gadget link – and this is gadget address that can be added to any blog – Add Gadget – Add your own.


  1. I took a shot at Google about a week before my account was shut down resulting in all the loss of several thousand pictures on posts.

    I can't imagine that my post resulted in that, and it would be absolutely insane if it did, but who knows.

    I am really tired of all this... and I am emotionally drained from all the sadness, anger and frustration I saw on Google's help forums...

    Sethboyardee blog went through the review process and was determined a Spam blog and will not be re-opened. Of course this review was behind closed doors and Seth was never given any evidence of Spam-like activity that he might defend, and no one knows the process or the participants that of this alleged Review thing... it makes no fucking sense... but we just sit back and take it...

    Seth's blog closing really hit home for me... not because I followed him religiously or anything... but because he bared his soul to us for almost four years... and if we can't stand up and support a blog like that... and the hundred other blogs like Seth's that have already been shut down... then why the fuck am I wasting my time... no illusion here - I'm just a photo blog... you aren't going to stand up for me when the time comes - I know that - and I'm not the one you should stand up for... it's blogs like Sethboyardee that you need to!!

    I'm very disillusioned... I've heard enough Google bashing... and that is all we seem to be capable of... there has to be a way that actually results in, or at least works toward, positive change??

    Come on you guys?!? We can do it, we have done it before, and we need to do it now!!

    I have some very smart people that follow this blog... and no doubt out of the 2.6 million visitors that have passed through this blog in the last 12 months, maybe a few might have been Google employees... let's talk constructively and leave the vitriol out! - I would love to hear your constructive thoughts... I promise that your privacy will be respected.

  2. Je pense qu'une vigoureuse réaction de la communauté gay s'impose, pour invalider ce repli frileux, qui bafoue notre reconnaissance.

  3. It's absolutly outrageous that, in our world of LIVERTY of EXPRESSION and EQUALITY OF EVERYBODY'S RIGHTS, GOOGLE is continuing to shut down many GAY ORIENTED SITES.

    Why not shutting down, or more, CHANCING the REAL PEDOPHILE SITES...
    Do they do the same for the XXX HETERO SITES ????

    As Roland said so well, when is the GAY COMMUNITY will REACT to this injustice.
    They did it for APPLE lately and APPLE was obliged to back up and correct their policy.

    Friendly yours

  4. I posted an Appeal to Google on the help forum today...

    Maybe some of you can lend your support?

  5. Well that was quick! My Appeal was rebuked and the thread has been closed to reply or new comments... I understand his points but... lol... I thought saying I was cluttering up the forum with "noise" was a tad harsh :)

  6. They are the Spawn of Satan...keep moving ahead, though, my friend. I can't help you with the gadget, but you will get the hang of the html stuff...

    Love, FFB

  7. First of all I think it is worth considering that the people deciding about these things are only technically Google employees. The actual company and staff behind this is still Blogger (even if they were bought by Google).

    But anyhow: Google/Blogger is a private company and they can do on their websapce whatever they want.

    So no matter how annoyed we all are with their intolerance towards gay blogs:

    STOP WHINING and start using a decent blog host already. Blogger is a horrible service anyway, not only when it comes to free speech.

    I don't get why so many people get their blogs deleted by Blogger but keep opening blogs there over and over again. These people just seem bit dumb, sorry.,

  8. No need to apologize Anon :)
    A very important aspect of this you are not considering though is expense. You get what you pay for I guess, and sooner or later that will apply to visitors as well. Increasing proliferation of Ads or membership fees to offset expense.

  9. I think folks should do what they want, but if they are angry at Google/Blogger there is no reason to "stop whining". Get angry, folks; create some noise in their Help Forums, vent, get even, let that steam out. By all means one should move on, but don't overlook the delicious release of anger. Revenge is a dish served either hot or cold!

  10. Jeff, I think one of the problems people have is they think their lone voice will be ineffectual, and get lost in the fray. What about you guys creating a page on your site that shows all the posts sent to the help forum in support of this effort. The responses these posts get will surely enrage and maybe inspire more to take a stand. Right now it is just bloggers that have been affected, and guilt of being a Spammer or Porn Slut is assumed... other voices need to be heard too.

  11. I did try posting a bunch of Blogger Help Forum review requests once, and got absolutely no response. Generally they are quite boring. I have tried and tried just to get blog owners to request a review. Very few do. With Brent's fantastic help, I just keep our blog going and try to expand its existence. More bloggers are speaking out than a year ago, but not enough noise is being made. I know Anon (above) just wants people to move on, but I can walk and chew gum at the same time and would like folks to speak out AND continue their blogs.

  12. The Review requests are not just boring, they are mind-numbing!! :)

    I was thinking more along the lines of just displaying postings made in support of the blogging community, in support of demanding review of their process, but especially those that let them know we have had enough of this shit.

  13. Got ya! OK, I'm taking a deep breath...just have all sorts of activity going on in the Help Forums today, as well as an unusual amount of help request follow-ups from bloggers I have been trying to help. I'll work on your suggestion. It's a good one; I'm just running out of steam, and I really have to boogie out of here and get some paying work done. lol Thanks for the push, and thanks for the support! DJ

  14. I know you have your hands full Jeff... maybe I can set something up for you, and hand control over to you and Brent so you can incorporate it into your site. Let me give it some more thought...

  15. My dear Steevy, if you emigrate towards a site which is more expensive to you to be more safe, I shall not stop frequenting it for that reason. Shared between your numerous regular customers, that should not make a lot.
    What makes a lot, it is the affection and the respect that we have towards you (and Hawt).
    Your friend.

  16. Thank you Patrick, I am not really referring to my situation, especially over the past few months where it seems that there is a lot more interaction, so for me the rewards justify the expense :) I know for many bloggers though it would not.

    My biggest challenge is overcoming the mental hurdle of having to learn new coding. I am so anal about little design things and I will spend hours and hours trying to figure out some stupid little thing :) So the thought of having to invest all that time with so much uncertainty about how it will look, is one of the reasons I am hoping that someone will step forward and offer some technical assistance with new design and platform.

    There is also the Links issue, 95% link to my blogspot address rather than my domain URL.

    I have been speaking up on Goog's Help Forum and it is clear that the senior nazi has decided that my questions must mean I am a spam blogger. It is incredible in there, one guy runs it as though he were Google, and uses the forum as a way to glorify himself and his blog... if you disagree with his righteous verdicts, you are dismissed and treated as a Spammer... incredible!! I am disgusted!!

    He also seems to be one of those vindictive types that holds a grudge... so I have no doubt that this blog will be declared as a Spam blog.

    I HATE fucking spam blogs, and I am NOT one!

  17. My dear Steevy-The-Spamer (lol),
    That frightens, BUT I believe that in what concerns you, SPAM are the initials of Super-Perfect-Adorable-Man.
    Do you know that the name Google comes from the word gogol? A gogol is a unit of measure that equals ten exponent hundred (10 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000)
    I guess that it is the number of homosexual blogs that they swore to destroy.
    As regards the problems of the codes, I am not too worried for you.
    On the other hand for the links I recognize that it is boring but a word processor can maybe resolve it.
    I pray so that you receive all the help which you wish. Courage;
    Your Frenchie. XO

  18. merci mon adorable petit ange français, qui est doux comme la plus douce pâtisserie française :) xoxo

    I love the word pâtisserie, it was my fave French word in school :) Practical use is limited though...


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