Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The End of the Beginning?

or the beginning of the end…
Our good friends over at GMail disabled my main email account last night, of course with no reason provided.  I am hoping this was some technical snafu, and I have completed a number of forms to try to get it back.
Unfortunately you do not just lose all your emails and contacts when they disable your account, you lose ALL the other Google services associated with it… Calendar, doc’s, bookmarks, maps, Picasa, as well as any blogs.  Even if you have purchased storage from them as I did – poof – it is gone!
I don’t know what to think of all this… I have been a big proponent of what Google has been doing as far as the “cloud” is concerned, but if you can lose absolutely everything in a heartbeat, then surely there has to be a better way.
The immediate impact to this blog is that I have lost all the pictures that were associated with the PAID STORAGE of my old gmail account, so all the posts from July 26, 2010 up to yesterday have no pictures!  That’s over 450 posts and roughly 4,500 pictures :(
My “HAWT Tips” blog is gone as well… lol… maybe the blogging tips I was sharing were just so bad that they felt a need to shut it down :)
I hope this is not the “beginning of the end”… but if it is…. I just to want to take this opportunity to thank so many of you for a great 4 years (well almost 4).  People from all walks of life have visited this blog over 5 million times (i fucked up on my official counter of choice at the start!!).  In the grand scheme of things that is not a big deal… but I think it is very cool!  Thank you xo
Should you try to visit this blog and receive a “blog not found” message… please use my registered domain URL – www.HAWTBlog.com


  1. Here's hoping it isn't the end. But, if it is, thanks for all the pretty pictures!

  2. omg...this is the saddest post ever!! :( I'm gonna use all my voodoo witch magic to thwart this possible catastrophe.

    p.s. Did you raid my Tumblr for that photo?? haha.

  3. I am sorry of this disaster and I have a lot of sentence for you, but that is in no way a reason to not continue.
    It seems to me that it has even made back the counter of the 5 million?
    Did you try to re-create an account identical with the same name etc.
    If he is refused on the ground "existing account", perhaps all hope is not lost.


  4. noooooooooo


  5. Thanks A and B, as well as Frites and AC... if I wasn't so bummed out I'd make a rhyme... perhaps another time... when I feel more sublime...

    I edited the posts of the 1st two pages so at least those show pics... haha... the avg visitor only views 2.4 pages... so a couple of more posts and they will be covered :)

    The process is agonizing though... I don't want to lose the comments or the time reference of the original posts... so the only method I have come up with is to re-post each as a draft and cut'n'paste the draft pics into the original post... but omg... I can't imagine doing that for the other 440 posts!!

    Tomorrow is a new day A, B, F, and AC... maybe my fears will all be set free... we'll have to just wait and see... what will be, will be :) xo

  6. Thanks Tom, sorreee... you weighed in while I was responding to A, B, F and AC... and thus didn't include you as T...

  7. Wow, sorry to hear of troubles. I thought having a domain might help. I just went that way on blogger. Maybe I ought to give up now and take everything over to wordpress.
    I lost my gmail two weeks ago. I opened google chrome and they gave me a new gmail. then I cleared google and blogger's cookies off my browser's and now have access to my old gmail.
    Hugs and best wish's to you. I hope you stay around.

  8. I just looked through your blog and this is heartbreaking. Since you paid for the storage and are now denied access to it which caused irrepairable damage to your paid for domain. You may have a good breach of contract suit. my email is fence.rider@live.com if I can be of any help.

  9. Good luck. There's a load of us here backing you - and going to come down hard on Google if they start deleting accounts, even when they're paid for.

  10. Well I'm not surprised because I tried to email photos and a message to a friend (Phil from AOM) and I never was able to SEND the message..
    Telling me that it was INDESIRABLE...

    Friendly yours
    JiEL,Montréal, Canada

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. @Anomymous : I have had the same problem with the same friend. I have let a copy my mail in a comment notifying him to read it and not publish the comment. In fact my mail was in his spam. But it has been for just a while and now there is no problem.

  13. Shme on google! And thank you for each picture!


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