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Links – Part 2


Reciprocal Links is one of the fundamental tools of blogging used to increase visitor traffic to your blog, and to support other blogs, especially new ones.

There is increasing evidence that Google is using links to flag blogs as Spam as part of their fuzzy logic spam detection processes.

As bloggers, we need to know whether the use of Reciprocal Links leaves us vulnerable to being flagged as a Spam blog.

Jeff speaks on this issue.

Add your voice to this thread on the Google Help Forum seeking to get this answered.

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Hawt Gadget

Right there... at the top... Shame Counter...  I'm famous!! :)

I created my first Google Gadget today… yay :) It is on display at the bottom of my left sidebar.  My thinking was that it might be something that bloggers could display on their blogs in support of all the work that Jeff and Brent do on our behalf… it links to their blog when clicked, and when I update the gadget with their latest casualty figures, it updates the number on every blog that displays it.

But I really suck at html coding! It took me hours just to figure out how to code this for use on my blog… I really want it to be user-configurable so that it can accommodate the many different layout configurations that blogs have.  Is there anyone that can help?  Please?

I am also hoping to do a major overhaul on the design of this blog.  I’m sure that any of you that are conversant with html must shudder and shake your heads every time you visit :)  I’ve seen the reports from FireBug, YSlow, and PageSpeed for this blog… OUCH… lol… and the new one they started just for me… YUSuck :) 

I want something real slick for the new design… not slick like flashy or anything… but slick with speed of opening and some of the cool shit you can do now :)  I don’t have much to offer other than my eternal gratitude, but maybe a little promotion of your work might be worth something… I might be prepared to run my first ad…  ewww… maybe :) 

First step is getting my awesome gadget ready for prime-time… please click here if you can help… thanks :)

UPDATE:  I figured out how to make my crappy little gadget user configurable, so now you adjust the width, define the alignment, and customize the colour of the background exactly with yours (I would have preferred transparent, but that apparently is not an option).
Here is the Google Gadget link – and this is gadget address that can be added to any blog – Add Gadget – Add your own.

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