Monday, January 24, 2011

Drew Doyon

Drew Doyon-005Drew Doyon-008Drew Doyon-009
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Drew Doyon-003Drew Doyon-004Drew Doyon-006
Drew Doyon-007


  1. According to this link, Drew Doyon is Patch Cipriano:
    And Patch Cipriano is on DeviantART at this link:
    Also at this link on DeviantART:
    I don't know if this is true. What do you think about that?

  2. Fan art, my darling. In the world of fan fiction, readers like to unofficially "cast" models/actors etc. as characters from books they are reading. In, this case, "Patch Cipriano" is a character from a book called "Hush Hush" by Becca Fitzpatrick.

  3. Actually Drew Doyon is actually Patch from Hush Hush. He is the model on the cover and whenever 'Patch' wants to give his fans a message Drew Doyon is it. Video from Patch;


  4. C'est moiJanuary 24, 2011

    Wow. It's a fiction writer's dream to actually get the person to "play the part" so to speak. Impressive!

    Oh, Gaspard, Babykens has a role for youuuuu.... :)

  5. FIZZ-Patrick MISLEAD-Patrick. I'm sorry, and I apologise. My dear Babykens, your stupid darling Patrick thank his gentle beloved Babykens for all these details.
    My most loving kisses, my little sweet heart.
    Obviously, I also thank "rawneyy" and "c'est-moi".
    ("It's me" who love this nickname).
    Best regards.

  6. "C'est moi" was me, Patrick. I guess that's a little confusing, sorry! ...and you are NOT stupid, sheesh!! :) No need to apologize. If you are not into fan fiction, that stuff can seem quite realistic. -- xo

  7. Don't be sorry, "c'est moi" is a very pleasant nickname, and so I have two love affairs in my heart for the price of one : "Babykens" and "c'est moi", (not to mention Steevy, of course). But isn't man naturally polygamous? I should be able to cope.
    Big kisses from your Frenchie.
    Post-scriptum: Cémoi (= "c'est moi") is a brand of chocolate well known in France. And I like the chocolate.

  8. Oh my, what a charmer :)

    Patrick, how come the link attached to your name takes me to a deadend? What are you hiding, Frenchie? :)

  9. I'm delighted and proud, in a nutshell I'm charmed if you are charmed, my bewitching sweetness!
    I'm hiding nothing to you, everything to others.
    But the links between us must lead to a love-end, not to a dead-end. "As I've made it so far, I keep go on" and send you a mail, so you'll know my address, mu beauty.

  10. LOL, I was wondering when you'd pipe in! hahaha...See, Stephen? I'm "bewitching" ! :P

  11. Patrick! Urgent! Gaspard Ulliel just arrived at the Chanel Haute Couture SS11 Show for Paris Fashion Week. Go get him for me!! :)

  12. Your desires are orders, ô supreme mistress of my heart. So, it's done with near two hundred additional photos emailed.

  13. Now that's more like it!!! Steve, are you taking notes? :P

  14. and....Thanks for the pix, Frenchie!! I love them all <3


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