Thursday, January 20, 2011

Douglas Venhold

Douglas Venhold-003Douglas Venhold-010Douglas Venhold-002
Douglas Venhold-007Douglas Venhold-004Douglas Venhold-009
Douglas Venhold-005Douglas Venhold-001Douglas Venhold-006
Douglas Venhold-008


  1. Ooooh! Lovin' the last pic! Red satin shorts for the win :)

    (p.s. you know I love you best, so shush it xoxoxox)

  2. For the win or for the wine?
    I see satin shorts red as the red wine he has too much drink because he seems standing up difficultly.

  3. I think he's not the only one who's had too much red wine ;)

  4. As well as he's not the only one who's had too much red satin shorts.
    Do you prefer a good bottle of good old French wine or a common bottle of red satin shorts?

  5. Once again, Frenchie, RED SATIN SHORTS FOR THE WIN. They go down a lot smoother don't you think? ;)

  6. Very smooth to go down, indeed. But I understand that there are French wines which you have never tasted. I shall need to make you experiment them at our next meeting. (*)
    (*) In the famous room of Steevy, do you remember?

  7. Ok it's a deal! But only if Steve promises to wear his red satin shorts. (And I'm just gonna end my comment right here....) *wink*

  8. I refuse to be drawn into this little tête-à-tête even though I have a penchant for smooth French Reds... wine and satin boxers :)

  9. My beloved Steevy, how would it be possible : you are always in my heart and my mind.
    But I have understood.
    Therefore I solemnly swear by all the Gods of Love, Sex and Wine to patiently wait for you invite yourself and then I shall welcome you with flags cut out in pink satin shorts and with bottles of good French wine at hand!
    Enjoy a very good week-end, darling.


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