Wednesday, January 19, 2011

David Fair

David Fair-084David Fair-082David Fair-083
David Fair-081David Fair-075David Fair-080
David Fair-076David Fair-079David Fair-077
David Fair-078


  1. My dear Babykens certainly wonder who is the boy with a pink shirt and a scarf around the neck (pictures #5, #7 & #9) accompanying David Fair, also I have a duty to respond that it is Sebastian Lund.
    Signed : Frenchie.

  2. totally read my mind, Frenchie. I was desperately wondering how to find you so I could inquire about the elusive scarfed man in the pink shirt :) hahaha....... thank god you were there so quickly to share a bit of your unending knowledge of male modeltry! :)

  3. why don't you two get a room... gag :)

  4. @Steevy: Why only "you two", my dear Steevy ?
    AFAIC (as far as I'm concerned), you're always welcome everywhere and anywhere.
    In the same way that you're welcome here, in our little dialogue. BYK (but you knew that)!
    Note only that "we two" or "we three", it will take well calculate to account for the jetlag ! ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing)!
    @Steevy and @Babykens : All the best. Kisses.

  5. "We three" in a room??? Oh, now Steve's REALLY gagging!! I will respectfully bow out of that little ensemble. I know where I am not wanted, ha!


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