Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Explanations and Toys

I took on a new project at work a couple of months ago, and the planning and set up was… well… a nightmare.  It has since gone from “nightmare” status to just plain “yikes, what the hell did I sign up to this for” :)  But by this time next week it will be under control and my life will return to some semblance of normalcy.  Fingers crossed.

That was the reason for my absence.

I should have posted something explaining all this, and at the very least should have responded to the personal emails sent to me that I didn’t.  I have no excuse for that behaviour… I am sorry.

I really appreciate the messages many of you have left and sent me personally since I have returned.  I haven’t had time yet to go through all the messages left while I was “away”, but over the holidays I will, and try to make amends. 

All I can respond to how much I was missed… is that I missed you more!  And thank you for your continued support :)  Steve xo


YAY!!  My new toy arrives tomorrow today and I can hardly wait!  I got an Android phone in early September and I love it, so I bought a tablet tablet running on Android.  I have never been an iHead, primarily because I don’t like all the proprietary restrictions.  I love the iPad, and while this won’t be as slick and as chic, it is open source, has a lot features I think the iPad is missing, and is less than half the price!  I am under no illusion and don’t suggest that this is an “iPad killer” or anything… I know you iHeads are very passionate about your iDevices, and with good reason, they are very slick... almost iHAWT

Santa arrives tomorrow today driving a UPS truck! :)

Here is the link to this product if you are interested.  (Not advertising)


  1. Merry christmas Steve :)

  2. how much porn will it hold?

  3. Just clad your back, your blog helped me start mine and now I am getting a lot of viewers referred to me and the blogs I have in my blogroll, Thank You

  4. I'm very glad that you are back. It's like an early Christmas present :)
    Just a big Thank You, for doing one of my favourite blogs in the net.


    (the only reason why I'm not writing "my favourite blog in the net" is that it would make me appear as too much of the horndog that I truly am)

  5. Thanks Nicolas and Mica :)

    Neil... tsk tsk... I am aghast that you would even suggest I might have considered HD display of pornographic material as a feature I sought! It is just a coincidence that I recently transferred all my porn onto three 32Gb Micro SD cards that my new toy can read. I suppose that since there are no grooves or crevices on the front panel, wiping up any messes will be easy too. BUT, these were certainly not things I considered. Shame on you! :)

  6. hooray for the easy-clean screen! omg...ew. LOL

  7. "I took on a new project at work a couple of months ago, and the planning and set up was… well… a nightmare." You mean even worse than creating a blog header for loco luke?
    Hard to imagine...
    Anyway: Welcome back!

  8. My dear Steevy, I noticed that the displayed temperature is "Paris, France" . I don't think that you are interested in the temperature I experience. :)
    But maybe you have visited my country ?
    Maybe we could meet us next time?
    Affectionately yours

  9. Post-scriptum : It is true that there are sometime coincidences. For good or for bad. lol :)

  10. Welcome back! You were missed:)

  11. Ah oui mon cheri besty Aunty francaise... I have been to Paris twice :) My charm worked in all of my European destinations - EXCEPT Paris :( tabernac!! (in a nice non-religious cussing way)

  12. Therefore, the little Sherlock Holmes who I am was right about the temperature displayed on your
    great children's toy !
    Needless to clarify, it is known everywhere all over the world that Canadians use "tabernacle" in "a nice non-religious cussing way".
    And it is obvious that your charm works also everywhere all over the world.
    If it didn't work in Paris, I think that it is half because your potential conquests have been petrified in a blissful admiration facing so much charm...
    ...and half because we did not met!
    Best kisses.

  13. "...your potential conquests have been petrified in a blissful admiration facing so much charm..."

    hee hee...I just love that :)

  14. Exactly, my dear Babykens !
    Myself, I am quite smitten by the well known, the ultra-famous “charm” of our/my dear Steevy.
    And concerning his beauty, it is indisputable, at least in his heart.

  15. lol Babykens and Auntie Frenchie... love ya both :)


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