Monday, December 27, 2010

Austin Butler

Austin Butler-095Austin Butler-096Austin Butler-097Austin Butler-098Austin Butler-099Austin Butler-100Austin Butler-081Austin Butler-082Austin Butler-083Austin Butler-084Austin Butler-085Austin Butler-086Austin Butler-087Austin Butler-088Austin Butler-089Austin Butler-090Austin Butler-091Austin Butler-092Austin Butler-093Austin Butler-094Austin Butler-109Austin Butler-110Austin Butler-101Austin Butler-102Austin Butler-103Austin Butler-104Austin Butler-105Austin Butler-106Austin Butler-107Austin Butler-108Austin Butler-119Austin Butler-120Austin Butler-111Austin Butler-112Austin Butler-113Austin Butler-114Austin Butler-115Austin Butler-116Austin Butler-117Austin Butler-118


  1. this butler is a fake;
    There is only one BUTLER

  2. hmmm... Rhett Butler? Alfred the butler? The Butler Did It butler? xo :)

  3. A true photo novel ! But why no phylactery ?
    best regards.

  4. So many photos to see how he removes his shirt! How many in need if he removed his briefs ?

    The boy with a cheked short-sleeved shirt that accompanies Austin Butler is Nick Jonas of the "Jonas brothers" boysband.

    Best regards


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