Saturday, October 09, 2010

Romulo Arantes

Romulo Arantes-069Romulo Arantes-073
Romulo Arantes-071


  1. Hello,

    Just want to inform you that not all of the photos in this post are of Brazilian model and actor Romulo Arantes. All photos except for the b&w photo are from an editorial ''Que Bueno, Que Rico, Que Lindo'' photographed by Giampaolo Sgura for HerculesMagazine SpringSummer 2010. There were 3 brazilian models used in the shoot. Romulo Arantes, Fred Laatch and Rody Cezar. Photos 067, 068, and 070 are of Fred Laatsch. Photos 069 and 071 are of Romulo Arantes. Photo 072 is Rody Cezar. In photo 066 are Rody Cezar and Fred Laatsch. Hope that helps. BTW...Thanks for an excellent blog. I enjoy your posts so much. Mais uma vez, obrigado e votos de felicidade.

  2. Thank you Dodge :) I don't think I've ever f'd up that badly before... lol... 7 out of 10 wrong?!? I have posted Fred Laatch once before, and I guess I have enough for another one :) xo

  3. Dear xo,
    I have downloaded the ten pictures in a directory named Romulo Arantes. I do not know which have been removed amongst the 88 I totals under this name. Can you publish again the seven photos having been removed respectively under their real names Fred Laatsch and Rody Cezar ? Or send me the photos by e-mails, one for Fred Laatsch and one for Rody Cezar ?
    Thank you in all cases, and best regards :)


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