Saturday, September 18, 2010





  1. Woof!! These 'looks' and 'swims' never fail to amaze me. This B&W of the two boys shoulder-to-shoulder?? Wow!! Thanks for continuing to dig this gold out of the net.

  2. The nipples on that first babe are beyond words. Damn, they are so tastey looking. He has two of the best man udders I have ever seen.

  3. I checked out the pic of the dude in number one. I guess he is OK but there are alot better lookinga dudes out there. As for his nipples, they ARE huge but I don't know if I dig a boi with headlights as big as his. I am bi and I have seen chicks who don't have nipples as big as this boi. Not sure that is actually sexy. I prefer a boi with small nipples.


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