Thursday, September 09, 2010

Jonatan A

Jonatan A-002Jonatan A-007Jonatan A-008Jonatan A-001Jonatan A-010Jonatan A-004Jonatan A-011Jonatan A-003Jonatan A-005Jonatan A-009Jonatan A-006


  1. Prince WilliamSeptember 09, 2010

    Still no Nils post today,you're slacking mate.
    I dont want to visit this blog any longer.

  2. He seems to be Jonatan Andrén, especially if we refer to the picture corresponding to this link :

    But the resemblance is always present but less obvious with others pictures of Jonatan Andrén.
    Perhaps because he was younger ?

    So, I'm not sure. What do you think, you ?


  3. Dear Steve,
    well, I saw your return on the horizon, but I was worried because the horizon is an imaginary line that backwards as much as we go on
    But you are finally back, and then can you answer the above message, if you please.

  4. Dear XO, you seems to be back ? So I ask you a response once more ?
    Just yes (for it's Jonatan Andrén)or not, please.
    Best regards :)

  5. Hi Patrick, I really cannot figure out if he is the same the same guy... and I apologize, I was hoping someone else might jump in with a definitive answer for us :) xo

  6. Hi, Steve ! Thanks for your answer. Glad to read you again !
    Happy your work leaves you more leisure ! (And sorry if it was not the work but a love-affair !)
    Yes, we can only pray and hope the providential intervention of a third person, a big heart person, someone especially well inspired or well informed.
    See you later. Best regards :)


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