Thursday, September 02, 2010


Counterpoint from Justin Wu.

Counterpoint - the relationship between two or more voices that are independent and harmoniously interdependent. 
Intermingled and connected, the ambiguous sensuality of man and woman is explored. A look, gesture, and touch all dissolve into each others' counterpart through the use of silhouettes and superimpositions. We bare witness to the mysterious symmetry and dichromatic dance of masculinity and femininity.

Directed by Justin Wu & Jason Michael Lopez

Edited by Justin Wu, Jason Michael Lopez & Anthony David
Hair by Yann Damour
Make-Up by Hugo Villard
Models Bianca O'Brien (Wm Models) & Pierre-Harald Leducq (Major Paris)
Music - "Ugly" by The Effens

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  1. That's what sheSeptember 03, 2010

    Beautiful ! Very cool.


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