Saturday, August 14, 2010


Passion-200Passion-097Passion-119Passion-120Passion-133Passion-136Passion-141Passion-163Passion-183DIGITAL IMAGE GoneTooSoon


  1. That's such a wonderful song, one of Michael's best (and personally, I believe that the incredibly beautiful and touching way he sang it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was innocent of all charges against him--when it came to love and charity, he was the real deal!), but I think credit should be given where it is due--while Michael SANG that song, the actual COMPOSER was Larry Grossman and the LYRICIST was Buzz Kohan ( ). Presenting it here the way you did, it looks as though Michael Jackson was the writer, and he was not. (Not this time!)

  2. Thanks for correcting that PBShark, I was under the impression that MJ wrote it, I really have to learn to use Wikpedia more :) I hope your comment does not lead to a debate about MJ's guilt or innocence.... all that has nothing to do with this post... I just think this is a beautiful song :)

  3. Being french I am a stranger.
    Do you think, dear XO, that the boy on the third picture mentioned me and that I have to prepare to receive him in my home ?
    Unfortunately, I know that I am not the only foreign to the world...

  4. Thanks for posting one of my recent picture here ( the 5th one, in B&W)


    Vincent De Bon

  5. Thank you Vincent, for taking such a great shot. I did not know this was your work, and visited your Mayhem site and I would love to post more.

  6. Dear XO, have you ever considered to create a new category which would be called "Photographers : XXX YYY"
    Best regards


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