Saturday, July 17, 2010




  1. you have used a photo of mine
    [ ] without asking me first, luckily i have been told about this post.

    could you please remove my photo from here? here, above all, uncredited.
    Respect first of all. here there is no respect at all.

  2. AnonymousJuly 21, 2010

    Gabriele... you are assuming quite a bit here... namely that I knew the photo was yours, that I used the photo knowing it was not allowed, and that I took it from your Flickr. If your work is so guarded why not watermark your pics? It was a very nice photo, and I have removed it, but please... luckily you were told about it? respect first? here there is no respect? You are being somewhat self-important I think... sorry.

  3. hi! i'm glad you took it away and i want to thank you firstly. In that moment i was quite astonished and so i talked rudely and for that i apologize here.
    Anyway, photos even if not watermarked are copyrighted and that i clearly state in my profile page on Flickr. Everywhere i put my photos i affirm that i like (i must) be told before the photo is used, and later i have to be credited back.
    This is not about being too egocentric or considering myself too important, this is about how i want my photography to be treated. In past i used photos of others to create artworks, and everytime i have credited. respect is about this. I apologize for my rudeness, and i thank for your appreciation but i like to be told and to be credited when it comes to my photography.
    You were gentle enough to remove, i know thousands of people wouldn't and God knows how many artists' works are put in sites or used withoud any aknowledgment.

    thank you,
    take care

  4. Hey Gabriele, thanks for your msg and I completely understand your perspective and agree that you have every right to control your art, but I am pretty sure I got your pic from Tumblr, so I did not see your copyright info about your art, so I think a tasteful watermark would at least provide some credit back to you. I know this type of thing happens all the time, and it is not fair to the photogs, and you guys get mad at us bloggers, but most of us will not purposely post any pic if we know there are restrictions. Thanks again :)


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