Thursday, July 29, 2010

Amaury Baudoin

Amaury Baudoin-001Amaury Baudoin-005Amaury Baudoin-004

Amaury Baudoin-002Amaury Baudoin-006Amaury Baudoin-008

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  1. AnonymousJuly 29, 2010

    Am I the only person who despises the current fad for wearing religious items as mere jewellery?


  2. Regarding the principles, to each his ones. I don't say not, but it is not Hawk, nor even the model who wanted that, but the photographer, the stylist or designer or God knows who. Was it necessary to deprive us of a very beautiful photo? Do you prefer a handsome guy wearing religious items or a ugly guy without those items? Myself I have to admit that I reject the boys in burkha, but fortunately, there is not too much !

  3. Chris, you have a very good point, and especially so if you are referring to the middle picture of the third row and that necklace, which, while an artistic creation instead of a typical religious item such as in the very first picture (which is probably a rosary), looks to me like it is supposed to be a crown of thorns. On one hand (the rosary), there is a trivialization of something serious and sacred to many people, but on the other hand (the crown of thorns necklace), that is something deeply offensive and probably quite insensitive and ignorant to parade around with that on as a personal "decoration".

    I had an important lesson about "symbol" a couple of years ago when I tried acupuncture as a therapy for my bad heart rhythm (atrial fibrillation). From my experience, acupuncture usually doesn't hurt, but the acupuncturist warned me that one of the positions in the "heart meridian" WOULD hurt, and it is a position for the needle right in the center of the palm of each hand. And yes, it hurt enough to make me shout out in pain. Afterwards, it hit me--that's traditionally where the nails were supposed to have gone when they nailed Jesus to the cross; how amazing that is leading position on the "heart" line, and the heart and Jesus mean LOVE. I remembered how much just a simple acupuncture needle hurt and putting all this together with the idea of killing Jesus, who was love, by hanging him on a cross with nails driven into what was his heart meridian, I started to cry.

    No, I will not wear religious jewelry unless my purpose is sincere devotion.


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