Friday, March 19, 2010

Jonatan Frenk

Jonatan Frenk-022Jonatan Frenk-025Jonatan Frenk-026Jonatan Frenk-027Jonatan Frenk-028Jonatan Frenk-029Jonatan Frenk-030Jonatan Frenk-031Jonatan Frenk-032Jonatan Frenk-019Jonatan Frenk-020Jonatan Frenk-021Jonatan Frenk-023Jonatan Frenk-024


  1. Yikes he is really unappealing. He has an all out butt ugly look and his chest is weak and pathetic looking. Too many nasty moles!

  2. Moles ! In french it's called Grains de Beauté (Beauty Marks) and I find these lovely ! Is he really in love with Mathias Bergh ? Awesome if it's true.


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