Friday, March 05, 2010

Harry Tucker

Harry Tucker-018 Harry Tucker-019 Harry Tucker-020 Harry Tucker-011 Harry Tucker-012 Harry Tucker-013 Harry Tucker-014 Harry Tucker-015 Harry Tucker-016 Harry Tucker-017


  1. Damn he is an incredible babe. That third pic, the black and white one is so beautiful. He has such a handsome face and his body is killer. His nipples blow me away. They are huge and very prominent pn those steel pecs and beautiful beyond words. This stud's headlights are totally sexy. There are chicks out there who would love to have a set of nipples like this boi. He is breathtaking and he oozes sex and it is amazing to say that here is a boi whose nipples are among his best features!

  2. I guess I never thought alot about boy tits but I have to agree with the message above. Harry has giant tits but they are so hot cuz he is built like a brick wall and has big man pecs. I could see spending a night teasing and sucking Harry's beautiful nipples and getting this hot English boi very excited and ready for action.


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