Saturday, February 13, 2010


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  1. Dude, you ate my comment on your Olympic post. :(

    Basically I agreed. The cauldron said it all. Canada can't get it up. (Yes, I'm from here, so I can say that)

  2. I'm sorry, I actually deleted two comments... the purpose was not to edit your comments, but to delete my post... I am embarrassed about this "holier than thou" "look how great we treat our First Nations peoples" "look how much we can wave the flag too"... such an absurd and disingenuous message... but the foul taste was not from your comment or from Seth's, it was from my disjointed post... that I felt... after reading in a public forum... was a little too bitchy and a little too smarmy (??). Great :)... you got me going on another tirade... maybe tomorrow...that's why I don't have a "my perspective" blog, as much as I would love to, but know I would not be very good at :)

  3. Comments I ate earlier that were much better tasting than the post they refer to :)

    Anonymous said...
    i watched. im a fan from the states. i have to say that aside from the canadians that held tha torches and sang and whatnot... there wasnt a very unified theme. lots of pretty lights.... yay

    February 13, 2010
    Seth said...
    Are you OK?


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