Saturday, February 13, 2010

HAWT Olympic Opening Ceremony - NAWT

I'll keep my comments relatively brief about the Opening Ceremonies last night - but as a Canadian, I was very embarrassed. I was really hoping for so much more.

I understand that Olympic Opening ceremonies are all about "Look at me, look at me!!", and maybe that's the real problem I have with it, it all just seems so disingenuous.

These ceremonies are about sending a message to the rest of the world. I guess we Canadians want to cast aside some of the old stereotypes of Canada like "Igloos" and "Mounties". The Igloo thing had to go anyway, for some reason clubbing all those cute little Baby Seals and dragging them back to the igloos was just not going over too well in the rest of the world... I guess our "focus group" said "Igloos equals Baby Seal clubbing - we want First Nations, and lots of 'em!!". So... World... the Inuit and igloos are out and First Nations is in. Forget that we stole all their land and took away their kids to put them in special schools to teach them about Jesus, yes all that is behind us now - we just adore our First Nations peoples - love 'em to bits - and they just love to entertain too, they always put on such a great show at these big events. Our "focus group" also felt that the Mounties thing was getting a little stale, keep a few around 'cause everyone loves horses, but let's change that stereotype as well - so we'll replace the Mounties with... hmmm... let's see.... oh this is a tough one... got it.... FIDDLING!! Huh??

Don't get me wrong, I really did like a lot of the show. Sarah McLaughlin sang beautifully, KD Lang was terrific though she has obviously started eating beef again (and plenty of it... meow), I loved those shoes some of the dancers were wearing that shot fire out the sides (great for clubbing!), kilts and black leather pants actually work very well together (I did not know that before last night). I liked that little lesbian Peter Pan flying around bit, but only 'cause I love that Joni Mitchell song "Both Sides Now". The big dildos were pretty cool... lol... when they worked... and that big jelly fish thingy... I want one! The best part? Anne Murray not singing "Snow Bird"!! Also that our GWB-wannabe Prime Minister did not speak! (no wonder the chiefs were so late, they didn't want to sit near him!)

When it was finally over, as KD sang so brilliantly earlier... hallelujah!!

So have you got that World? No more about the fucking igloos! Canada is now all about First Nations and Fiddling! Oh yeah... and LED lights... 'cause we're so green!

How absurd!


  1. Yo man - the kid flying over the prairie was my favorite part. The show was a little heavy on the aboriginals, but I liked the Northern Lights sketch, LED's and all. Overall, not a bad show.

  2. Hey, just a comment from Brazil! I watched the Opening Ceremony last night - it was broadcasted here at midnight! Well, I have to agree with u in one point - yeah, I wish they have shown a different Canada. Most of the things showed there are very well known across the world - like, we know Canad is a big country, that is really cold, that was formed by the integration of many tribes and civilizations.....they could have showed some new things about Canada. But I have to say it was very clever to make a simple and precise ceremony - using projections. In my opinion it was much more impressive as the Billionaire Opening Ceremony in Summer Olympics at China - they were clearly desperate to show themselves!! As for now, I guess I should say we just have to wait for Brazil - as we have 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games!!!

  3. I have seen parts of the opening in German Television. Was not bad. And the canadian people are "freundlich, nett". I have been in Vancouver a few years ago and I like Canada. I enjoyed the show. The Sound for Broadcast worldwide has been made by the german company Lawo. As they do for the FIFA European Champianship in Switzerland and Austria 2008 and for the Olympic Games 2008 in China. They have the best digital consoles.

  4. First Nations, Pacific Coastal tribes--I wonder, do they still lock pubescent girls up in cramped dark boxes, up to two years in some cases, like they did before the white man came? (Chinese foot-binding for the body.) Do they still have ritual killings of their slaves just to show how much "wealth" they have? And were they really FIRST? (I think anthropologists know that they were invaders from Asia who decimated the people who really WERE first.) People of the First Nations, your history is just as sick, if not sicker than those you think you are culturally superior to. Sorry to bring the light of truth, but let's move on from this worship of those who don't deserve it.

  5. "Pitbullshark" - WTF are you on about? Are you actually trying to say First Nations "deserved" what we did to them?!? My post was about "hypocrisy" - that's all! This blog is hardly the forum to debate racial issues, and certainly not a forum to express racial intolerance.

  6. No, this apparently is a forum for honoring and enjoying beautiful guys, and the Olympics could be a subset of that. However, you are the one who brought up the opening ceremony, so racial politics got introduced into your forum by you. If Canada wants to honor its history and its people, then it needs to do it with truth, not propaganda. I have reached my limit with the "indian=good, white man=bad" meme, because it is false. If you knew the whole truth, you would be disgusted. But as it is you'd rather be politically correct than accurate. Too bad. So we can go back to the beautiful guys; they're much easier to "face" and you do a fantastic job with them.

  7. PitBullShark :)... I accept your perspective that I introduced "racial politics" - though inadvertently and we "can agree to disagree". What we do agree on is the hypocrisy and propaganda, which was all I was trying to point out. I don't think our ceremony was any worse in that respect than previous ceremonies, I was just hoping we would "rise above it". And I hate "fiddling" :)

  8. I'm not sure what type of LED lights you are referring to since I didn't wach any of it, but in the lighting industry, LED lighting fixtures are very popular these days.

    Anyway, THANKS for putting up such awesome pics as always!!



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