Saturday, February 13, 2010

HAWT Olympians - Gregor Schlierenzauer

The first gold medal goes to Austria - Gregor Schlierenzauer, Ski Jumping
Gregor Schlierenzauer-001.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-006.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-029.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-030.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-031.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-032.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-033.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-034.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-035.jpg
With all those winter outfits they were wearing last night (and all those women... and fiddlers!!) it was hard to spot too many "gold metal contenders", so I would appreciate any help in discovering them. Post a comment with their names, or send me an email (xo's for pic's)

Gregor Schlierenzauer-002.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-003.jpg 
Gregor Schlierenzauer-004.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-005.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-007.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-008.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-009.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-010.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-011.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-012.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-013.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-014.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-015.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-016.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-017.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-018.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-019.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-020.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-021.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-022.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-023.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-024.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-025.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-026.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-027.jpg Gregor Schlierenzauer-028.jpg


  1. Sorry, but Gregor didn't won the Gold medal. He won the bronze one. It's Simon Ammann (Switzerland) who won the Gold Medal. He had already won 2 Gold Medal at the Olympics Game of Salt Lake City in 2002.

  2. I'm not talking about "those" Gold Medals, I'm referring to the "important" ones that I am handing out! :) Canada got one too in the same event... post to follow later...

  3. J. R. Celski!

  4. Thanks, JR is already slated to be awarded a "Gold", how about some of the "lesser known" Olympians though?

  5. GOT to include APOLO!!!

  6. Just saw some pic's of Apolo on Vera's Big Gay Blog... definitely another Gold medal for Team USA!! :)


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