Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Poll Results - Responses to "What Isn't Working"

First off, thank you very much for taking the time to provide your feedback. Over 3,700 votes have been cast.

There have been a few items mentioned in the "What does not work" question that I'd like to respond to;

Q1: "Sometimes it would be cool to know who the photographers were... somebody out there is taking all these great shots. :)"
A1: I agree but, unfortunately, that would be just too cumbersome. There are now around 15,000 pictures posted on this blog in the 9 major categories. 465 Models are further categorized. I know that some blogs make a real effort to give photographers the credit they obviously deserve and I applaud their efforts. But my thinking is that since pictures on this blog come from so many different places that ID'ing the photographer would be so sporadically possible that, at best, maybe only 1 in a 100 could be ID'd - so "all or none" makes the most sense to me. I would hate to single any Photog out for fear of unwittingly insulting others. I never remove a photographer's watermark and wish they all used one. I NEVER put a watermark on any photo that I have not taken!!

Q2: "Video freezes using firefox"
A2: I use FireFox too so I empathize. FF used to be great, but now it seems to "bog down" very quickly, even with some "performance" add-ons I have added. The only way I have found to really improve performance is to close it down and re-open. That said, there are too many factors affecting video performance that it is not fair to blame it on any particular browser. This is what I do - if it is real choppy in FF, I open Google Chrome and try the video there (it's a great browser and far less "bulky" than FF). If that doesn't result in improved video performance - it usually does - then I reboot my system. If anyone has more suggestions - other than "get a Mac" - then I'd love to hear them.

Q3:"Some links, only sometimes tho, the above item is true only from time to time". This is related to "Pictures don't open in a new tab/window".
A3: I "advance-post" to this blog to ensure there are at least two posts per day. This also means that I don't have to tend to it when "real life" doesn't allow the time. Blogger made some changes to their system in November that resulted in any posts made that day not opening correctly - and that was the day I just happened to advance-post a whole shitload!! :( I think I corrected all the posts affected, but if you come across one, let me know. Images should open in a new tab or window unless you have told your browser specifically not to. I have tested this on FF, IE, Chrome, Opera, and Safari - and all images and all external links open in a new tab/window - as designed. Internal links (other than for comments) should open in the same tab/window. I am really - really - anal about this, so please let me know (with specifics) if you come across something that doesn't open the way you think it should.

Q4: "Comments don't work"
A4: I know this is a problem for quite a few. I have also tested this on the 5 browsers above and posting comments worked (though on IE I had to click "Post Comment" twice). There has to be something set up in your specific browser configuration that prevents it from working.

Q5: "Can we get a track listing of your mixes?"
A5: Sure you can :) I will post them in the next few days on HAWT Music.

Q6: "Candids better than models"
A6: OK... thanks for your opinion :)

Q7: "Non-nude shots"
A7: I presume the "lack thereof" is the issue? :) See A10 below...

Q8: "Width of the blog, seems my screen is too small"
A8: You're right, your screen is way too small!! :) The width of this blog is 1280px (now changed to 1250px). Over 90% of my visitors use a resolution equal or greater than that. Time to upgrade Baby!! I just got a 24" monitor for under C$200. Trust me, get a bigger monitor, you'll love it - size does matter!

Q9: "iPhone app please"
A9: I think I found a good Mobile Feed Reader, though no one has responded whether or not they like it but a fair number are using it - Click here. Let me know your thoughts on it.

Q10: "Where is H A W T Unplugged?"
A10: I'm sorry... it was my intention to have it back up a long time ago... I have been busy and I still do not have my hosting sorted out. It will return though... soon....

Q11: "Some twinks look so damn young..."
A11: This is a very "subjective" and "controversial" subject, however, this is NOT a porn blog - there is no frontal nudity. Also, Models are not depicted in any sexual context. I do not support or condone sexual exploitation of minors.


  1. About the width of the blog issue....

    The blog is just a little bit too wide. Yes, most laptop monitors are 1280 px wide. The problem is you need to account for the scrollbar in the web brower. My screen res is 1280 px wide and scroll to the right a little to see the links on the right side of the blog correctly.

  2. In response to the width of this blog...
    I admit I never really gave any thought to the effect of the scroll bar on a 1280px notebook screen, so... I have reduced the width of this blog to 1250px. I hope that helps :)

  3. It's now perfect! Thank you!


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