Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Unplugged on Tumblr

Look's like Tumblr helped me with my dilemna of whether to continue with the Unplugged blog or not and closed it down :) 

Funny... I tried to be very objective to ensure I was not posting anything that was questionable as far as the model's age was concerned. Funnier still... there are some Tumblr blogs still open that have pictures still posted I would never post for that very reason.

It's all subjective I guess and like the many fellow bloggers that had their blogs closed without any advance notification, without any rhyme or reason, and without any recourse available by Google, it is very frustrating and makes little sense.  

Perhaps it was some self-righteous visitor that decided their moralistic standard of appropriateness does not allow for pictures such as those I posted. I think probably that this was case... and to that person I say - F U Get a life!! 

The Tumblr process was becoming a nightmare to manage though. Although you sought more "Followers" within the system, it also meant that you had to ensure you went through all their posts to ensure you didn't post any pictures they already had posted, because if you did and didn't credit them, you got in trouble. I had 275 Followers within Tumblr and was "Following" about 150, the process I went through to ensure I was "playing by the rules" was becoming an absolute nightmare to manage. I am really quite relieved to have it "done with".

I stopped for a couple of weeks and received a number of emails from regular visitors encouraging me to start posting again. Only out of obligation to them did I restart... I'm a sucker for a compliment :)

All that said, I am seeking a new hosting site for the Unplugged blog and would appreciate any suggestions. Although I never got the sense of "uniqueness" from Unplugged that many have commented applies to this blog, being shut down does bring out a strong desire to say "F U" and start again in a less time-consuming and less burdensome environment. I have my own domain that I use for business and it has lots of storage available but it is in my own name and I would not want "MyRealName.com" used as a porn platform :) Any Techie's out there know if I can create a sub-domain and not have it visibly associated with the parent domain?

So to those that became regular visitors and sent emails of support and encouragement - thanks, it was really appreciated.  Unplugged will find a new home and start again :)


  1. Yea, I was wondering why things slowed down.

    Good luck, and keep us posted!

  2. Hey man, I loved what you were doing on tumblr. I fully understand the hassles of tumblr you refered to and was greatly relieved that I got nuked. I was trying to quit myself and was reblogging anything cute just to kill my tumblarity. I dropped over 600 points sunday alone. I went through all my likes file (3200 pics) and found there was a great redundancy of the same pics being posted over and over again. I may back off from blogging and go back to reading about the struggles of dwarfs and elves and dragons.
    hugs and best wishes,
    p.s. Does any body know if you can keep a dragon in a Garden shed.

  3. Oh by the way, I love your pics and imgonna steal some once in a while for Kens place.

  4. Thanks Ken and BiLikeMe :)

    Ken I think it all depends on the size of the dragon and the size of the shed. And you are welcome to any picture I post. :)

  5. Any idea on how much space / bandwidth you would need?

  6. Awww man sorry to hear Hawt Uplugged shut down. It was my favourite blog.
    Hope you start it up again!

  7. Space - about a gig or two... bandwidth? Not exactly sure but had almost 280k visitors in just over 2 months... more stats here.. http://www.sitemeter.com/?a=stats&s=s27hawtunplugged&r=0. Thanks :)

  8. Subdomains are usually just redirects to another folder on the server. What you want is not a "subdomain" but rather another domain name to point to your server. However, depending on what kind of hosting package you have, if you were to point another domain to your server it is theoretically possible to extrapolate your personal domain name (this is if you have a dedicated host). If you have a shared host, then that IP handles many "servers" and it would be more difficult (though not necessarily impossible) to find other domain names hosted on that server.

    Also, keep in mind that if you're creating a porn pic blog, you're going to need a lot of bandwidth, and that also violates a lot of web host's TOS. After reading your recent reply to the other commenter, holy shit you're going to need a lot of bandwidth.

    I would take a look at sites like sensualwriter.com or thumblogger.com instead. No worries about bandwidth or violating TOS.

  9. Hey, thanks a lot! I never considered the bandwidth angle. I'll check into sensualwriter and thumblogger... wonder if they screw with your pictures though by making them smaller the way I think Nibblebit does (or did?)....

  10. Sorry to hear that you got the boot - I enjoyed Unplugged (and the Garden Shed!) - I hope you find a place to start again. Take care.

  11. I know it's a bummer, but I want to take a minute to thank you for the hours of fun and pleasure you have afforded us all with both of your sites! Thanks!

  12. If you keep avoding pics of boys who look too young you can host it on milkboys :)

  13. Sorry to hear about that. What about Nibblebit? I know they have had some issues but it might be worth a try.

  14. Have you tried NibbleBit? They seem to be pretty friendly.

  15. I thought I read somewhere that Nibbles made your "full-size" picture smaller... can anyone confirm or deny?
    I really appreciate all the help I've received :)

  16. It really pisses me off that people have to go out of their way to ruin fun for others. There are things to be said of people so pathetic.

    I was really sad to see this thing go down, because I really really enjoyed looking at the pictures in it. As soon as you get a new version up, I'll be there for sure!

    I really enjoyed the pictures and I hope you'll continue, because if you're bringing pleasure to others, then you are doing good and it's definitely worth it.


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